Why God Sometimes Doesn’t Seem To Answer

Have you ever looked back on something for which you were prayingBusinessman is praying to solve the financial crisis hard and thought, “Man, am I glad that didn’t happen!”?

Whether it was desperately searching for a stylist at SuperCuts to perm your mullet before prom, or a significant other you wanted to ask out to dinner who later went on a three state crime spree…We’ve all had things (or criminals) for which we begged God that wouldn’t have been good for us…at all!

Remember that God always answers our prayers in one of three ways: “yes”, “no”, or “not yet”. Hearing nothing but crickets from heaven is especially frustrating when you’re jonesin’ hard for something. But let’s be honest, Garth Brooks knew exactly what he was talking about back in the 90s when he sang “sometimes  I thank God for unaaaannnswered prayers.” (Love that song.)

Remember that as your Father, God always has your best interest at heart. And that doesn’t mean just the “here and now.” Rather, like any good parent his biggest concern is for your eternal well-being. So if you’re currently praying for something, remember that there is a distinct possibility that the best answer may be no answer.

One way or the other, keep praying, my friends! God bless you.





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