Watch Out For the Drones!

Drones. Everybody is talking about drones. Whether they’re spying on us, or delivering a new book or box of diapers to our home, drones are everywhere.

Drones flying through the air.

Of course, they’re nothing new. Drones have been around as long as there has been Mass. You know, those people (like you and me) who drone through the prayers and liturgical responses without really thinking about what they’re saying.

How many times have our eyes strayed to the ceiling as we monotonously chant, “Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.”

Have mercy is right! We’re too busy checking out who walked in late, who’s wearing what, or shushing our children to really focus on what’s most important.

It would do us all good, however, to recall that at every Mass, the God of the universe, the God who holds our very being in existence is making himself present to us in a real way. It’s absolutely incredible!

So try starting Mass with a prayer asking God to help you stay engaged in the beautiful mystery that unfolds in every liturgy. Because while drones may have invaded our air space, they shouldn’t inhabit in our worship space.

God bless!




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