The Dangers of War

The Lord dropped a spiritual bomb on me the other morning in adoration. And now I want to drop it on you. Like a lot of you, I continue to struggle with anger in the midst of all the garbage going on in the Church. Daily revelations of new coverups, not to mention the confusing […]

Why Fast & Furious Loses The Spiritual Race

Fast cars. Fast cash. Fast food. Everybody wants things fast. But in the spiritual life, that’s the fastest way to crash and burn. When becoming serious about spiritual growth, many beginners forget that conforming one’s life to Christ is a lifetime project. Sin cannot be overcome through one fervent reception of the Eucharist, one excruciating […]

When Prayer Is Wrong!

Is there ever a time when you shouldn’t be praying? Yes! (Whaaaaaat?) No, I haven’t gone to the dark side. Allow me to clarify, because this is very important. When I first really dove into a life of deep prayer a few years ago, I was hardcore. I went to the adoration chapel near my […]