051: Clearing Up the Crusades

We’ve all heard it before – “The Catholic Church is all about violence and power. Just look at the Crusades! They’re a perfect example!” The problem (for critics of the Church) is that idea is horse-hockey. That said, most of us have little-to-no understanding of the true heart of the Crusades…which is a complete shame. […]

Lessons From Legos: When It All Goes To Pieces

Remember when you were a kid and you built some really cool Lego car or space ship? Then a sibling or friend would trash it and you’d have to start over?  Oh, the frustration and anger! All that hard work destroyed! Oftentimes, of course, our re-built creations were way cooler than the original. Now older, we realize all that […]

And The Most Terrifying Prayer Is…?

There are 7 petitions in the Our Father. One in particular is terrifying.     “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”  We pray it at every Mass. But have you ever really stopped to think about what you’re saying in the 5th petition of the most famous prayer in […]

How To Avoid Any Fear Of The New Year According to JPII

Worried about the future? (And I don’t mean how you’re going to follow through on that resolution to complete a triathlon made in front of all your co-workers after your third spiked Egg Nog.)   Though every New Year is really nothing more than the turn of a calendar page, it’s natural to have a bit of excitement tinged […]

5 Ways To Really Prepare Your Family For Christmas

I was recently asked by Terry Barber, an EWTN radio host and friend, if I celebrate Christmas any differently as a Catholic as opposed to when I was Protestant. It’s an interesting question. I was actually supposed to be on Terry’s radio show this last weekend talking about this very thing, but I came down […]