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catholic_v2What is “The Art of Catholic?” It’s Matthew Leonard’s super-popular podcast listened to in more than 180 countries around the world.

What’s it about? The Catholic spiritual life is Matthew’s favorite topic – prayer and spirituality. That being said, he talks about all kinds of aspects and issues of the faith, oftentimes interviewing authors on incredibly diverse topics from around the Catholic universe.


How would you describe it? Here are a few reviews from iTunes:

This is THE Catholic podcast of choice for me and it should be for you. Matt Leonard sincerely loves the Catholic faith. He presents his material in such a fun and authentic style that I find myself wanting more. Thank you, Matt!”

Life changing content. Wow is all I can say!

As an avid listener of podcasts I cannot believe it took me so long to find this show. I currently am subscribed to 65 shows and listen to audiobooks and must say this show is at the very top of my listening list. In fact, everything else is being pushed aside until I binge all of Matt’s previous shows.”IMG_3065

I love the Art of Catholic! I love how rich our Catholic faith is, and I love how Matthew lays it out for us. He does our faith justice by delving into its most complex subjects, not skipping out on the tough stuff, but at the same time making it digestible and easy to meditate on (AND entertaining and humorous!).

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Podcast Archive
# Title Released
108 Would You Still Convert to Catholicism? 11/18/2020
107 Understanding the Crisis of Catholic Men 11/10/2020
106 Backstories from Fatima Movie 10/07/2020
105 Harnessing the Awesome Power of Catholic Mysticism & Deep Prayer 09/23/2020
104 Should A Catholic Always Obey? 08/28/2020
103 How St. John Paul II Answers the Modern Crisis 08/04/2020
102 Finding Hope and Divine Mercy Amidst Terrible Tragedy 07/09/2020
101 The Virgin Mary & the Catholic Conversion of Harvard Professor Roy Schoeman 06/17/2020
100 Correcting the Christian View of Death 05/26/2020
99 Understanding Suffering through the Eyes of St. Paul 04/10/2020
98 Spiritual Warfare & the Interior Life with Dan Burke 03/06/2020
97 Consecration to St. Joseph: Crazy or Crucial? 01/30/2020
96 Unrepeatable: How To Discover Your Unique Calling 12/17/2019
95 Making Sense of the Dark Passages of the Bible 11/12/2019
94 Unlocking Catholic Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls 10/08/2019
93 God & Evolution 09/05/2019
92 The Anti-Mary…Exposed! 08/21/2019
91 Living with Sheen: A Conversation with the Remarkable Msgr. Hilary Franco 07/31/2019
90 Salvation – What Every Catholic Needs to Understand 07/10/2019
89 John Michael Talbot on Conversion & Community 05/30/2019
88 The Astounding Doctrine of Deification 04/25/2019
87 How To Think Like a Catholic 04/10/2019
86 Dr. Brant Pitre Blows Your Mind on Mary 03/14/2019
85 Discerning God’s Will with St. Ignatius of Loyola 02/14/2019
84 Heresy or Holy? The Question of Marian Consecration 12/11/2018
83 Archbishop Vigano & the Power of Fear 11/19/2018
82 Historical Holiness: How Religious Orders Illumine the Path to Perfection 10/31/2018
81 Kings, Prophets, & Popes 09/26/2018
80 On the Current Crisis in the Catholic Church 08/30/2018
79 Clearing Up Confusion About Real Love 08/01/2018
78 Unpacking the Our Father 06/14/2018
77 Next Level Queenship of Mary 05/16/2018
76 Psalm Basics for Catholics 04/24/2018
75 The Secret to Astonishing Faith: Surviving Your Sea of Galilee 03/22/2018
74 Taking Your Lent to the Next Level 02/08/2018
73 Part 2 Rediscovering the Power of JPII’s Theology of the Body 01/16/2018
72 Rediscovering the Power of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body 12/27/2017
71 Understanding Indulgences…Finally 11/21/2017
70 How Mary Can Save Civilization…again 10/16/2017
69 Answering Luther: Finding (Catholic) Faith in Sacred Scripture 09/14/2017
68 Left…Right…Catholic: Solving the Problems of Environment, Economics, & Morality 08/10/2017
67 The Catholic Crisis of Masculinity…and what to do about it 07/11/2017
66 Crushing Modernism & Regaining a Catholic Worldview 06/08/2017
65 Ascending to Pentecost with Pope Benedict XVI 05/05/2017
64 Holy Week Special – Meditations on the Sorrowful Mysteries 04/11/2017
63 Why Beauty Is Crucial…Especially for Catholics 03/02/2017
62 The Hidden Power of Kindness 02/09/2017
61 Music Wars with Mike Aquilina 01/26/2017
60 Advent-Christmas Typology Minicast 12/15/2016
59 Unleashing the Rosary with Fr. Don Calloway 12/01/2016
58 Why the Catholic Priesthood is Totally Biblical 11/18/2016
57 The Primacy of Mary’s Divine Maternity & Why It Matters 11/04/2016
56 The Scariest Verse in Scripture…and How To Survive It 10/21/2016
55 Unveiling the 3 Secrets of Fatima 10/07/2016
54 Understanding Extreme Violence in the Bible 09/23/2016
53 The Love That Made Mother Teresa 09/05/2016
52 Catholic Q&A – Mary/Contraception/Suffering 08/25/2016
51 Clearing Up the Crusades 08/11/2016
50 Scott Hahn Unleashes the Creed 07/27/2016
49 The 7 Deadly Sins & How To Crush Them 07/14/2016
48 How Almsgiving Can Save Your Life…Now and Later 06/30/2016
47 The Secret Back Door Out of Purgatory Nobody Talks About 06/23/2016
46 St. John Paul II Through the Eyes of a Swiss Guard 06/16/2016
45 Fire From Above: Christian Contemplation & Mystical Wisdom 06/09/2016
44 Why You Should Thank A Dominican Right Now 06/02/2016
43 (More) New Testament Basics with John Bergsma 05/26/2016
42 New Testament Basics with John Bergsma 05/19/2016
41 Pentecost Special! The Amazing Old Testament Backstory of Acts 2 05/12/2016
40 Conclusion of “7 Core Beliefs of Catholicism…in Hebrews?” 05/05/2016
39 The 7 Core Beliefs of Catholicism…in Hebrews? 04/28/2016
38 The Crucial Role of Catholic Fiction with Fr. Richard Infante 04/21/2016
37 The Fulfillment of All Desire with Ralph Martin 04/14/2016
36 The Amazing Life and Power of Angels with Mike Aquilina 04/06/2016
35 Saints Who Battled Satan (and Won)! with Dr. Paul Thigpen 03/31/2016
34 How the Cross Actually Saves You (and how it doesn’t) 03/24/2016
33 Boom!! Brant Pitre Totally Crushes Gospel Skeptics (Part 2) 03/17/2016
32 Boom! Brant Pitre Totally Crushes Gospel Skeptics 03/10/2016
31 Part 2 of Soul Surfing with a Man Named “Bear” 03/02/2016
30 Soul Surfing With A Man Named “Bear” 02/25/2016
29 The Key to True Freedom & Satisfaction Right Now! 02/17/2016
28 Part 2 – The (Very) Ancient Origins of Marian Devotion 02/10/2016
27 Part 1 – The (Very) Ancient Origins of Marian Devotion 02/03/2016
26 5 Keys to Breaking Bad Habits 01/27/2016
25 Why Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant 12/22/2015
24 Part 2 – How To Explain the Immaculate Conception from the Bible 12/17/2015
23 How To Explain the Immaculate Conception from the Bible 12/07/2015
22 Why Catholic Bibles Are BIGGER 12/03/2015
21 Medieval to Modern: From Hope To Despair…And Back Again 11/24/2015
20 The Most Important Church Council You’ve Never Heard Of 11/17/2015
19 The Kenosis Of Christ As Model For Us…What? 11/11/2015
18 The Bible & the Church Fathers (Part 2) 11/03/2015
17 The Bible and the Church Fathers 10/27/2015
16 Hey! What About The Youth? (with Mark Hart) 10/21/2015
15 Exploring The Mystery of Redemptive Suffering with Jeff Cavins 10/14/2015
14 The Gospel Accordion to Bob Rice 10/07/2015
13 The Question of Hell with Dr. Michael Healy 09/30/2015
12 “Son of a Preacher Man” – Kevin Lowry 09/23/2015
11 Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic – David Currie 09/16/2015
10 How To Share Your Faith With Anyone! – Terry Barber 09/09/2015
9 We Choose Life! The Amazing Story of Shak and Robin Hill 09/02/2015
8 Finding God Through Meditation with Dan Burke 08/26/2015
7 The Joys (& Challenges) of Family Life w/ Brandon McGinely 08/19/2015
6 Bible Basics With John Bergsma 08/12/2015
5 Curveball – The Conversion of Taylor Marshall 08/05/2015
4 Is Your Charity Actually Hurting The Poor? 07/28/2015
3 30 Days With Teresa of Avila 07/16/2015
2 You Say You Want A Revolution? 07/08/2015
1 My Battle Against Hitler 07/07/2015