021: Medieval to Modern: From Hope To Despair…And Back Again

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by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

catholic_FINAL_150This one may be better than the first (which is saying something).

In Episode 020 of The Art of Catholic, I began an interview with Dr. Andrew Jones about the very different world of the High Middle Ages. (By different, I’m not only referring to their penchant for body armor and ale.)

In particular we talked about the huge impact of the Fourth Lateran Council, and started to dabble in how medievals viewed the 4 Senses of Scripture as a way of life, not just how to approach a book.

(If you’re thinking, “sounds like a snoozer” you’d be mistaken. It’s been a very popular episode. Reports are even circulating about Fourth Lateran Council costume parties since the episode posted.)

This is part two of my interview with Andrew. And it might even be better than the first.Knights Halls in Acre, Israel

Among other things we’re going to get into some very interesting material like how the High Middle Ages had a wildly different view of the relationship between Church and State; a much more intimate and integrated relationship between priests and laity; and even why medievals only received the Eucharist a few times a year (even though they were at Mass).

This is not about romanticizing the past.

Yes, Andrew does have a “I’m A Monarchist and I Vote” bumper sticker on his car. But aside from that (and the coat of arms on all of his sweaters), you’d never know he was a avid medievalist.

In fact, we’ll discuss some of the dangers inherent to the worldview of the High Middle Ages. But also what we can learn from it, too.



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  1. moderns have been brainwashed to downgrade the Middle Ages; truth is, they were times of great human richness, creativity, and salvation; so much of what we are today, the best and finest, is legacy of that time. We are truly modern-medieval humans, and the apex of civilization which was reached has continued into our time. Witness our people praying, and forgiving terrorists!

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