Lessons From Legos: When It All Goes To Pieces

Remember when you were a kid and you built some really cool Lego car or space ship? Then a sibling or friend would trash it and you’d have to start over? Lego van

Oh, the frustration and anger! All that hard work destroyed! Oftentimes, of course, our re-built creations were way cooler than the original.

Now older, we realize all that work was bound to be destroyed anyway. Lego plastic pieces may have a half-life measuring in the thousands, but the life expectancy of a particular car or ship is about 1 minute and 20 seconds…especially when building with rambunctious buddies.

Of course, now we think of our adult handiwork and projects in the same way we once viewed our toy creations. We freak at missed deadlines, rage at those who undermine us, and get all tangled up in the reindeer games of life.

It would do us all good to stop and remember that while our work is certainly important, it will all pass away. It’s all dust in the wind (especially if you live in Kansas). As members of the heavenly kingdom (provided we make it, of course) we’ll look back on these earthly days and chuckle, shaking our halos at our current frustrations.

Until then, take a deep breath, say a prayer, and relax. Build the best Lego life you can, but don’t get too frustrated when it seems to all goes to pieces. Instead, use it as an opportunity to allow God, the Master Builder, to help put it all back together again.

God bless!




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