The Most Important Thanksgiving Prayer

The Last SupperHey Catholics! The tryptophan turkey coma is totally awesome and we’re all looking forward to it. (I, for one, will be dozing on the couch, remote in hand, praying for the Cowboys to beat the tar out of the Eagles.)

But let’s not forget that the Church gives us a thanksgiving feast every day.

Even though it had nothing to do with pilgrims or surviving on a new continent, you could say that the Last Supper was, in a way, the first great Thanksgiving feast.

In Greek, the word for “thanksgiving” or “giving thanks” is eucharistia. Sound familiar? Yup. The Eucharist is a thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to the coming smorgasbord today just as much as everybody, but there’s nothing for which we should be more grateful than the gift that Christ makes available to us every day on the altar in the Mass.

So as we ready ourselves for a holiday with family and friends say a fervent prayer of thanks to God for the great gift he always makes available – himself.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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