Children of God: The Ridiculous Reality of Sainthood

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by Matthew Leonard

Because we’re so used to hearing about it, the communion of saints often becomes a cliche.

It’s reduced to a large group of people hanging out in a really cool place helping us find our keys and such while waiting for us to finally arrive.

But today’s solemnity of All Saints reminds us that it’s far, far more…by a long shot!

What’s really awaiting us?

It’s right there in today’s second reading from 1 John 3:1: “See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are” (3:1).

Think about that for a moment.

Because it’s the true essence, the ridiculous reality of sainthood.

God the Father - Science of Sainthood

John is telling us that provided we follow the Lord, we are literally destined to become divine.

“Children of God” is no euphemism. Through the sacraments we have “put on Christ” and become one with Him (Gal 3:27). We are literally joined to his Divine Family.

It sounds a bit shocking doesn’t it? But what begins at baptism continues throughout the rest of our sacramental life, particularly in the Eucharist, in which St. Thomas Aquinas declares “we partake of a food capable of making man divine.”

And it makes perfect sense when you think about it…If Jesus is divine and we are united to him – “one body” as St. Paul – then our destiny is divine, as well. (1 Cor 12:13)

As St. Peter puts it, we have become “partakers of the divine nature” of God (2 Pt 1:4). We obviously don’t become equal to God. He is God and we remain creatures.

But through his gift of grace, we become what he is by nature…divine!

Of course, we’re not yet there. Little by little, we are becoming more like Christ. We are being divinized.

That’s why All Saints is a solemnity. Sainthood equals full entrance into God’s family!

Transfiguration - Science of Sainthood

As Clement of Alexandria declared, “being baptized, we are illuminated; illuminated, we become sons; being made sons, we are made perfect; being made perfect we are made immortal. ‘I’ says He, ‘have said that you are gods, and all sons of the Highest.”

So turn turn your eyes upward, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Behold your divine destiny! We are created for a future beyond our wildest dreams!

“See what love the Father has given us, that we should be called children of God; AND SO WE ARE”!

God bless you and Happy Solemnity of All Saints!


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9 Responses

  1. My husband died a month ago and how hopeful is the feast day of All Saints and
    All Soul’s being celebrated tomorrow. I miss him terribly but I know he is surrounded by Heavenly love and happiness.

  2. I echo your sentiments, Mary, my husband died four months ago. Knowing that his suffering is over and that he is or will be in heaven is cause for rejoicing.

    1. Yes, Debbie. The knowledge that Lord-willing we will be reunited with our loved ones is a cause for rejoicing, indeed!

  3. Excellent article for this holy day. We often forget these things. My fourth grade CCD students are always surprised when I point out that we are destined to become Saints someday! I just may pass this on to the parents.

  4. Thank you for you time! We are having we are having a particularly hard time in our Parish. Our Priest a monsignor just admitted to child sexual abuse, and of course he was relieved of duty immediately. This incident happened 20 years ago and yet this man was still dressed as a priest on the altar doing Priestly duties. I am a convert to Catholicism, so this is very new to me. I wish someone would have a talk about this on one of their talk shows. I’m having a hard time digesting this.

  5. Brothers & Sisters! God is speaking to all His Children through the ‘WORD’ of the Holy Bible.
    All the answers to all the trouble that we are facing we can find the answers in this Holy Book prepared for all to read.

    There are lots of Spiritual things that are happening in my life, I read the Holy Bible every day with new teachings. We all need to ‘Love to one another & to pray for one another’ every day. Divine Blessings!!!

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