069: Answering Luther: Finding (Catholic) Faith in Sacred Scripture

Twenty years ago, I lost my faith. I didn’t lose my belief in or about faith, but I officially gave up the certainty that I had enough of it to be saved. It was Easter Vigil, 1998. That’s when I became Catholic. 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Rebell…I mean, Reformation. It’s been […]

062: The Hidden Power of Kindness

Make no mistake, this episode is going to challenge you. But it can also dramatically transform your relationships with other people…and God. It’s full of deep and practical wisdom that you can start to practice immediately. Our topic is kindness – real kindness – the kindness identified by St. Paul in Galatians. In other words, this is way beyond the “be […]

004: Is Your Charity Actually Hurting The Poor?

Did you know that check you just wrote to your favorite charity may actually be hurting the very people you’re trying to help? It’s true! How is that possible? In quite a few ways, actually. In fact, certain kinds of aid can actually devastate them. In the 4th episode of The Art of Catholic podcast, I interview […]