Plane Truths & Homecoming Heartbreak

I totally thought I had a doozy of a story brewing. I’m talking planes, (dress) trains, and (convertible) automobiles. What had started out quite terrible suddenly became unbelievably good. Incredible things were falling into place and I couldn’t wait to experience the adventure and share with you just how cool it is when God powerfully […]

109: Deep Prayer & the Power of Redemptive Suffering


Don’t leave it on the table. Don’t walk away from the transforming power of two of the most important things in the spiritual life…deep prayer and the almost “too good to be true” opportunity of redemptive suffering. They will change your life. GET 20 LESSONS & 2 WEEKS TOTALLY FREE RIGHT NOW! So if you’re […]

100: Correcting the Christian View of Death

Correcting the Christian View of Death

Yes, He is risen! Yes, Christ has conquered death! But are we ignoring the obvious? Have Christians lost sight of the powerful natural and supernatural aspects of dealing with the end of our earthly life? In this special 100th episode of the Art of Catholic, I bring back John Henry Crosby, founder and president of […]

How Humans Can Resemble Angels…for Better or Worse

How Humans Can Resemble Angels…for Better or Worse

It’s no secret that perseverance is one of the most important attributes of the spiritual life. And yet, it’s often the case that following the initial euphoria of Easter, many of us fall back into the same-old bad habits we sought to destroy during Lent. We let down our guard and forget to keep seeking hard after the […]

098: Spiritual Warfare & the Interior Life with Dan Burke


What if I told you the game has changed? What if I told you that things have gotten so serious that there are often-ignored spiritual truths we have to be aware of or we’re not going to survive the current climate? The reality is that we are at war. The forces of darkness are trying […]