119: A Powerful Introduction to the Spiritual Life with Dr. Brant Pitre

When the 2nd Person of the Most Holy Trinity points to something and says “This!”, we had better pay attention. And that’s basically what Christ says about the spiritual life. Yes, there are many important things in the Catholic faith, but only the interior life is the “one thing necessary” (Luke 10:42). And if you’ve […]

How to Make the Rosary Truly Beautiful

It’s actually pretty ridiculous that I pray the rosary daily. After all, when was the last time you saw a Protestant pastor’s kid meditating on a string of well-varnished beads? Like so many others, I was absolutely convinced that praying to Our Lady would punch my one-way ticket to eternal damnation, so I avoided her […]

117: Marxism, the Real Origins of “Woke,” & the Christian Response

Doesn’t it kind of seem like we woke up one day (no pun intended) and found our world in total disarray? Organized violence in the streets. Churches being burned. Society in chaos. And if you’re wondering, “Where did all of this come from? What’s going on?” then you’ve come to the right place. Because this […]

The Powerful Battle Plan to Bring Family & Friends Back to Church

If I had a nickel for every time I’m approached at a speaking event or via email by someone lamenting their spouse, children, or friends who have left the Church…well, let’s just say I’d have a lot of nickels. It’s heartbreaking. All of us know someone who has left the faith (or never fully grasped […]