114: Can You Really Suffer with Joy & Tame the Tongue?

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther tried to relegate the book of James to the appendix of the Bible. Why? It didn’t square with his “faith alone” theology. But James is far more than just an apologetic argument against Luther’s faulty doctrine. It holds the secret of joyful suffering and is a powerful (and scary) […]

113: Deeper Prayer with Archbishop Fulton Sheen

There are powerhouses and then there are powerhouses! Archbishop Sheen was the italicized kind. While a Youtube video with a million views is considered wildly popular, Archbishop Sheen played to many millions every week! Is your Inbox full? Sheen received 8,500 old school, hand-written letters every week. So let’s just say he’s easily one of […]

112: Developing a Powerful Theology of Home

At first I didn’t get it. But after taking a closer look, I now do…totally. I’m talking about a theology of home. So much of what happens in our lives and how we even approach life begins within the four walls of home. It’s thoroughly Catholic and way deeper than it first appears. I’m joined […]

111: Church Crisis, Hope, & the Path Forward with Ralph Martin

It’s a legitimate question. Is there a crisis in the Catholic faith? And if so, what exactly is it and where did it come from? Of course, there are a lot of facets to that question, some of them easier to see than others. So I brought in Dr. Ralph Martin, a man with a […]

110: The Wildly Beautiful Conversion of John Edwards


There are conversion stories and then there are conversion stories. This is one you really want to hear. It’s the story of how a guy named John Edwards, co-founder of Virtual Catholic Conference, hit absolute rock-bottom…and I mean falling intot he cracks at the rock bottom…even while everyone else thought he was living the dream. […]