127: Total Abandonment to God’s Will – Lesson One

Agony in the Garden showing Total Abandonment to God's Will

The idea of total abandonment to God can cause a lot of fear and agnst. After all, we like to think we’re in control, when we’re actually not. Join Matthew Leonard to watch the first full lesson of the FREE Lent series.

125: The Mystical Teaching of St. John of the Cross

St. John of the Cross is one of the most celebrated, yet misunderstood spiritual teachers in the Catholic faith. Join Matthew Leonard and Fr. Donald Haggerty as they unveil the beautiful teaching of the Mystical Doctor.

124: How Catholics Read & Interpret Scripture

The Catholic Church gives us specific guidelines to follow when interpretation is needed. As outlined by the Catechism, part of those guidelines are called the “4 Senses of Scripture.”

And knowing what they are can totally change how you read the Bible personally, as well as experience it in the mass.