Correcting My (formerly) Protestant View of Israel

If you’ve ever wondered why so many Evangelicals support the state of Israel, here you go. (And the answer might surprise you.)

This is a short interview I did for the Coming Home Network that compares how a Catholic view of Israel is quite different than how I used to view it in the past as a Protestant.

I still love Israel…just for far different reasons than I did in the past.

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Unlike other pilgrimages, we’re checking into one 5 star hotel…and staying there! No more getting up before dawn and trudging down to the buses with luggage to transfer to a different hotel. We’re staying in deluxe accommodations right next to the old city and taking private coaches to all the holy sites.

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075: The Secret to Astonishing Faith: Surviving Your Sea of Galilee

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Ever felt yourself sinking?

St. Peter certainly did when after he briefly walked toward our Lord on the surging waves of the Sea of Galilee.

And you have to hand it to Peter.

He jumped out of the boat during a raging storm. All because Christ said, “Come.”

That’s exactly what Jesus says to us every day…”Come.” No matter what storm is raging in your life, you can walk over the crashing waves toward our loving Lord.

That’s not pious sentiment for a Hallmark card or an “inspirational” cubicle poster featuring cats. There’s something in that passage most people totally miss that raises the whole story on a different level.

Christ literally says, “Take heart, it is I: have no fear.” These words are far more than mere encouragement.

In this brief episode I recorded in Jerusalem, I’ll tell you why Jesus’ word’s to the Disciples can totally change the way you view every struggle in your life.

They’re the secret to astonishing faith.

God bless!


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