036: The Amazing Life and Power of Angels with Mike Aquilina

catholic_FINAL_150“For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11).

Since the last show was, shall we say, a bit dark, I decided we needed a burst of light. How much more light can you get than angels? And to shed light on an already bright and beautiful topic, I’ve got author, speaker, EWTN host, and all around terrific human being, Mike Aquilina.

Mike has written a ton about the angels. (Check out his beautiful devotional “A Year With the Angels” when you have a chance.)

Today’s show includes the following topics:

  • Are all angels alike?
  • Do they have a primary role?
  • How are angels and humans different?
  • The greatest piece of advice ever with regard to guardian angels
  • How to establish a relationship with your guardian angel
  • Can fallen angels (i.e. demons) ever be saved?
  • Does our relationship with angels change in heaven?
  • What do the Church Fathers say about angels?

All that and more on this bright, beautiful and powerful episode of the The Art of Catholic!

Happy Easter!


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Why You Don’t Want To Go To Purgatory

We’ve all heard it before.Florence - Duomo .The Last Judgement.

The universal call to holiness means we’re supposed to get holy. Every one of us is called to sainthood. And really, what are the alternatives? Well, behind door number 1 is the eternal fire of hell. No thanks.

Slightly less warm is behind door number 2 – purgatory – the place scripture says our work on earth will be “tested” by fire. (1 Cor 3:13)

Interestingly, I don’t think we take purgatory seriously enough. In fact, it seems that many of us are pretty resigned to that fact that’s where we’re going to end up. How many times have you heard someone declare with a sigh, “As long as I make it to purgatory!” Really? That’s what you want? Cuz it’s not going to be cupcakes and brownies.

We may not know exactly what it is or how long it lasts, but we do know it’s gonna hurt. Scripture says nothing unclean can enter heaven, and our impurities are going to be “revealed by fire.” So we’re talking way hotter than James Brown’s hot tub on SNL.

St. John of the Cross said that purgatory is more terrible than a thousand deaths. Without God’s grace, it’s a purification we couldn’t survive. Yikes!

The good news is, you don’t have to go there. Our Lord provides door number 3 – it’s called sainthood. Love God with everything you’ve got, and there’ll be no reason for the eternal elevator to stop on the way up.

So make sure to set your sights as high as possible. Besides, it’s not a good idea to aim for purgatory…You might miss.

Keep striving, my friends! God bless you.