101: The Virgin Mary & the Catholic Conversion of Harvard Professor Roy Schoeman

I’ve heard a lot of conversion stories…but not like this one.

I’m joined on the Art of Catholic by Roy Schoeman, a former atheist/agnostic Harvard professor who not only had a full-on theophany (i.e. appearance of God), but also an apparition of Our Lady at a time when he had zero intention of ever even considering Christianity.

Raised in the Jewish religion, he has an incredible story of how God used the Virgin Mary to draw into the Catholic faith.

But we don’t just talk about his story. Roy and I also discuss the role played by the Jewish people in salvation history and why it’s important for us to continue our loving evangelization of all people.

In fact, he’s the author of a great book titled “Salvation is from the Jews” which shows how Catholicism is really an extension and fulfillment of Judaism.

This is an interview you’re going to remember!

God bless,


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089: John Michael Talbot on Conversion & Community

I’ve met a lot of converts to Catholicism over the years. But John Michael Talbot is unique, to say the least.

And it’s not just because he’s a multi-platinum selling, Grammy / Dove award winning Contemporary Christian Music pioneer.

It’s more.

Lots of people convert, but John Michael has embarked on a full-fledged movement to transform the way Catholics live…which continues to this day.

And the story of his life will both intrigue, inspire, and perhaps even provoke you to take a look at your own life. It did for me.

Among other things we’ll cover:

  • How he became Catholic
  • How the Doobie Brothers saved his life (yup!)
  • Why he believes St. Francis of Assisi is the key to renewal (Check out his brand new book “Francis of Assisi’s Sermon on the Mount“)
  • His take on the direction of America
  • Why he loves the Eastern Catholic Church
  • His emphasis upon the role of the Holy Spirit (& Our Lady)

So sit back and enjoy a wide-ranging and fascinating conversation with John Michael Talbot, an icon for our times.

God bless!


P.S. New pilgrimage announcement coming soon. And I’ve got a hint for you…St. John Paul II and his favorite Lady.

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012: “Son of a Preacher Man” – Kevin Lowry

catholic_FINAL_150Question: What do you get when you take a Canadian Presbyterian pastor’s kid and send him to an orthodox American Catholic university where he has to take a Natural Family Planning class with a pretty girl?

Answer: A convert with eight kids! That’s what.

But unlike a lot of Catholic converts in the public eye, Kevin Lowry is a businessman. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t do the normal convert stuff.

His conversion story, which we’re going to hear a good bit of, is in Surprised by Truth 2. He’s also the author of a book titled Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck.

KL-275x180Kevin speaks at parish missions and conferences, too, and even serves as a consultant for The Coming Home Network for Marcus Grodi.

But as I said, he’s a little different than many converts with a platform.

Kevin’s full-time gig is that of Chief Financial Officer for a digital marketing company (not to mention being a father to all those kids). What does that mean? It means he’s a practical guy that a lot of people can relate to.

He’s a passionate Catholic man who loves the Lord, loves the Church, and is a witness to how the Lord can change your life.

So sit back, pour yourself a warm cup of coffee, and enjoy a fabulous story.

God bless!


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