094: Unlocking Catholic Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Featuring Dr. John Bergsma

Discovered in 1946 by a guy throwing rocks into a cave, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been called “the greatest archeological find of the 20th century.”

And they’re totally Catholic!

Join Matthew Leonard and scrolls expert Dr. John Bergsma as they unlock some very illuminating secrets from these famous scrolls.

It’s a conversation that may help fill in some cracks you didn’t even realize were there.

Among other things they’ll cover:

  • What the Scrolls teach us about the Eucharist
  • The mysterious Essenes and Christ’s relationship to them
  • Why Matthew, Mark, and Luke say the Last Supper was on a different day than the Gospel of John…and how to reconcile that difference
  • Why in the world John the Baptist lived in the wilderness eating weird stuff and wearing animal skins
  • How the Scrolls shed light on what books make up the Bible (or don’t)

This is a jam-packed interview that will help you see the story of Scripture in a whole new way!

God bless!


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082: Historical Holiness: How Religious Orders Illumine the Path to Perfection

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Yes, some look like Jedi hippies. Yes, their giant rosaries look like medieval weapons. Yes, many haven’t worn socks in a very long time.

But they’re the real deal.

About whom am I talking? Catholics with a religious vocation. You know…monks, nuns, and such.

And while most of us aren’t called to their life, we should pay very close attention to them.


Because they can show laity the pursuit of holiness in its essential contours. In other words, they can show us the way to heaven.

So in order to get inside the life and mind of the “religious” and see what we can learn, I brought Fr. Gregory Pine, O.P. onto the program. As you’ll see, he’s an extremely sharp guy and explains the deeper things very clearly.

Among other things, we discuss:

  • What are the “evangelical counsels” and how we can live them
  • A fascinating (and brief) history of religious life (perfect for converts and those who need to brush up on their history a little:)
  • What it means to have a truly intentional life
  • How the religious model of life can restore sanity during our current crisis
  • Why religious life is a kind of second baptism
  • The shocking answer to the question, “Does God love some people more than others?”

All that and a whole lot more in this episode of the Art of Catholic podcast.

God bless!


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066: Crushing Modernism & Regaining a Catholic Worldview

Ever wonder how we got into the mess we’re in?

Why is the modern world so opposed to the Christian faith?

What went wrong and how do we get back on track?

These are pretty tough questions, which is fine because I’ve got a pretty smart guest.

Today on the Art of Catholic I brought in Dr. Andrew Jones. He’s got a PhD in Medieval History and is an expert on the Church in the High Middle Ages. He’s also the Executive Director at the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology.

Some of you will remember him from Episode 51 when he spoke about the Crusades.

But as big a topic as that was, this is even bigger.

Dr. Jones is going to use his deep knowledge of Catholic history to drop a bomb on the modern world. Namely, he’ll expose some of the underlying reasons things are the way they are (a fat mess), and give some direction as to the solution.

He spells it all out in his new, fat book titled “Before Church & State” that took 10 years to write. (Yes, 10 years.)

Here’s the thing I love about Andrew. He’s a contrarian. Not just because he likes to argue, but because he loves the truth. Andrew lives to totally destroy the anti-Catholic paradigms and false narratives with which we were all taught to believe…stuff we didn’t realize was anti-Catholic!

Among other things, we’ll discuss:

  • Why the modern categories of Church and State are totally anti-Catholic
  • The lie of “public” and “private” in the realm of faith
  • How the modern world has re-defined religion and boxed us in
  • Why modernism wants everyone to be the same (even while preaching “individualism”)
  • Why the term “religion” is code for “things that don’t really matter” to the modern world
  • How 13th century France points to a better structure founded on charity
  • Why Catholics must forcefully reject modernity’s definition of Christianity
  • Why the term “religious liberty” is a hoax
  • Why all Catholics should understand the notion of “Sovereignty”

I’m sure you’ve noticed this is a big list. Well this is a big episode…a very important episode. I’m guessing you’re going to walk away from this one thinking, “Whoa…I might need to re-think some things.”

God bless!


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