The Powerful Battle Plan to Bring Family & Friends Back to Church

If I had a nickel for every time I’m approached at a speaking event or via email by someone lamenting their spouse, children, or friends who have left the Church…well, let’s just say I’d have a lot of nickels. It’s heartbreaking. All of us know someone who has left the faith (or never fully grasped […]

The Terrible Sin of Telling the Truth

While most of us know we’re supposed to watch what we say, a lot of haven’t yet realized that there are times when it’s a dreadful sin to tell the truth. Yep, no joke. There’s lying through your teeth and then there’s “lying” through your truth. What am I talking about? Well, in traditional Catholic […]

Are We Placing Mass Restrictions on Ourselves?

Now that restrictions are being lifted with increasing frequency, a lot of people are wondering how many Catholics will return to Mass. After all, we’ve all heard the depressing statistics regarding the small percentage of Catholics who actually believe the Eucharist to be the Real Presence. It’s shocking, for sure. But as we approach the […]

Would Pentecost Have Happened Without Mary?


Have you ever noticed who is almost always shown in the center of a painting of Pentecost? Yep! It’s Mary. Why? Well, Pope St. John Paul II says she was key in making it all happen. “Pentecost is also a fruit of the Blessed Virgin’s incessant prayer,” says the Holy Father, “which is accepted by […]

Correcting My (formerly) Protestant View of Israel


If you’ve ever wondered why so many Evangelicals support the state of Israel, here you go. (And the answer might surprise you.) This is a short interview I did for the Coming Home Network that compares how a Catholic view of Israel is quite different than how I used to view it in the past […]

The Incredible Martyrdom of St. Peter Mary Chanel

The Incredible Martyrdom of St. Peter Mary Chanel

Exactly 8 years ago today I was sitting nervously in a chapel in Wellington, New Zealand. Why the nerves? Because I was at the tail-end of 10 day speaking tour that was to culminate that day with five full talks (i.e. one hour each)…and my voice was gone…absolutely toast. My throat hurt like the dickens […]