A Free Lenten Series that will Transform Your Life!

Brought to you by Next Level Catholic Academy

This Lent, join me for a very different Lenten series.

It’s an exploration of what Christ himself calls the “one thing” necessary – the interior life. It’s called “Catholic Mysticism & the Beautiful Life of Grace.” And it’s not like any study you’ve ever taken.

I’ve never encountered anything like this before!


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“The best thing I’ve done for my own personal spiritual growth and prayer in years!”


And yes, there’s a beautiful workbook perfect for both personal and group study.

It includes:

  • Saint passages
  • Scripture for Lectio Divina
  • Meditations
  • Review & Discussion Questions
  • Dedicated space for Journaling
  • Dedicated space for Notes

It all starts on Ash Wednesday (February 26, 2020), so head over to NextLevelCatholicAcademy.com and sign up. It’s FREE!!

God bless and I’ll see you on Ash Wednesday!




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8 thoughts on “A Free Lenten Series that will Transform Your Life!

  1. I just ordered my book from Amazon because I need it asap. Matthew, I am really looking forward to this adventure in grace. Heartfelt thanks, Joyce

    • I’m looking forward to it, too, Joyce! As the weeks go by, we’re going to move into material that most Catholics have never been taught (at least in the last 50 years). God bless and may you have a transformative Lent!

  2. Truly am enjoying Next Level Catholic SOS teachings. I am learning so much for this program.
    Very excited to now have the workbook in hand. This will give me a great opportunity to review what I have already watched. Great tool to dive deep into Lent and grow spiritually.
    We are all called into sainthood.
    Being a Saint was very frightening to me when I was a little girl but now I realize that , at the age of 65, that is what I want to be when I grow up.
    May we all have a fruitful Lent.