042: New Testament Basics with John Bergsma

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catholic_FINAL_150If you totally understand the New Testament of Sacred Scripture, then you can ignore this podcast. For the rest of us mortals, this show is a gem.

Best-selling author and professor Dr. John Bergsma explains the Bible like nobody else. His Bible Basics for Catholics is a masterpiece. While it focused on the overall story of salvation history, particularly the Old Testament, his sequel, New Testament Basics for Catholics illuminates the second half of the Bible.

And it’s even better than the first one (which sold a gazillion copies).

John breaks the New Testament down by focusing on its four major authors. In part 1 of this interview, we’ll discuss the first two – Matthew and Luke – and what’s happening in their books. Among other things we’ll learn:matthew-670

  • What is the unifying theme of the major New Testament authors?
  • Why does Matthew kick off the New Testament with a genealogy? (John actually calls it biblical Tae Kwon Do)
  • What’s so shocking about the women mentioned by Matthew?
  • What is Luke’s theme and how is his audience different than Matthew’s?
  • What is the true meaning of mercy as found in the Gospel of Luke? (It’s not what you think and it gives a whole new meaning to the Year of Mercy!)

My previous show with John (Episode 6) remains one of my most popular. In this latest interview, you’ll understand why I call him the “Blond Beast of Biblical Theology”.


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3 Responses

  1. Mr. Leonard, thank you so much for your insightful teaching of our Catholic Faith. My faith has been enriched and deepened by your talks on the Holy Eucharist, the Life of Our Devine Saviour, and the Bible. My gratitude also goes to Dr. Scot Hahn, Dr. Edward Sri, Dr. Taylor Marshall and others.
    I have switched from the tv to you people and I just look forward to listening to here .
    So God’s Blessing on here work, may it reap a rich harvest.

  2. Hebraic remembering of His Mercy in Luke’s Songs of Zechariah and the Blessed Mother both carrying us back to the Psalms! Amen, (aka Dr. Bergsma’s Psalms Study!) … continued in Luke’s ACTS where the Apostles pray “back to God” Psalm 2 and God sends the Holy Spirit! Amen! Dr. Bergsma never fails to blow us away! Grateful the two of you “teamed” up to boost our BIBLE BASICS! Love you taking it to the CORE of GOD, as I listened during this Month of the Sacred Heart, June hearing this perfectly CORE material to LOVE MORE! Thank You and God bless the good men! AMEN!

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