031: Part 2 of Soul Surfing with a Man Named “Bear”

catholic_FINAL_150What does the spiritual life of a ninja blackbelt surfer look like? The answer might surprise you. (The dude quotes Aquinas, for crying out loud.)

Join me for the conclusion of my conversation with adventurer and EWTN radio host Bear Woznick. We’re getting deeper into the practicalities of meditative prayer and the overall trajectory of the spiritual path for Catholics. But that’s not all.

A big part of the discussion centers around what it means to csa-hero-Bear-Woznickactually “let go and let God,” and what happens when you do. (You’ll even hear how in the world I ended up on a mountain in Guatemala three months after leaving the corporate world.)

We’ll also dissect something a lot of Catholics have never heard of, called penal substitution. It’s the theory of salvation that Bear and I used to hold as Protestants, but makes no sense of the Cross or human suffering.

God bless and enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “031: Part 2 of Soul Surfing with a Man Named “Bear”

  1. Do you have a website you could direct us to for the audiobooks Bear was saying he listens to (i.e. Summa Theologica)?