030: Soul Surfing With A Man Named “Bear”

catholic_FINAL_150I meet a lot of people in my line of work…none like this guy.

Have you ever talked prayer with a guy who is a World Surfing Champ? Ever discussed the spiritual life with a bona fide ninja blackbelt? How about chatting virtue with anyone who rode their bike (i.e. bicycle) from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean?

Me, neither. That is, until I met Bear Woznick. (Yes, that’s actually his legal name.)

Bear Woznick is unlike anyone else I know. I met him recently at a men’s conference in Florida where we were both speakers. His life, I quickly discovered, is like a movie.

That doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Simply that it’s a bit more “exciting” than most of ourscsa-hero-Bear-Woznick. (Seriously, have you ever repelled off the 25th floor of your beachfront condo? He has.)

Bear is an author, speaker, and EWTN radio host and who loves the Church and expresses it in a very unique way. You’re going to find his story and his message truly inspirational.



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