106: Backstories from Fatima Movie

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If there’s one thing that’s certain, Hollywood has no love for Christianity. In fact, it’s ardently opposed to the Gospel. That’s why productions like Fatima are so important. They are rare gems in a sea of garbage.

On this Art of Catholic episode, Matthew Leonard is joined by producer Dick Lyles, to talk about some of the little-known backstories of how the movie was made and the impact it’s having on the world.

Dick is a former EWTN and Relevant Radio host, now serving as producer for Origin Entertainment, the group behind the Fatima movie.

We’re talking about:

  • Stories of changed lives
  • Difficulties in making the movie
  • Who in the Catholic world was involved
  • What did the Shrine of Fatima think of the movie?
  • What is the response from the Protestant world?
  • What new movies are coming

Enjoy the interview and then watch the movie! God bless!


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