093: God & Evolution

Featuring Dr. Jay Richards

The confusion is pervasive. The consequences are catastrophic.

What is a Catholic supposed to believe when it comes to evolution? Is it okay or not? Can Darwinism be reconciled with Church teaching as many argue (or even assume)?

To answer these (and many other related questions), I brought in a man I consider to have one of the most remarkable minds in the Catholic Church.

His name is Dr. Jay Richards, a New York Times best-selling author and convert to Catholicism (from Calvinism).

Jay is an Assistant Research Professor in the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and the Executive Editor of The Stream.

He’s smart. Very smart. And he’s got a lot to say on the topic of evolution. In fact, he edited and contributed to a powerful book titled “God and Evolution” which I found very interesting.

You will, too.

Among other things, Jay and I discuss:

  • The predominant views of how the world came to be
  • How the Church views the famous “Origin of Species” by Charles Darwin
  • The fundamental difference between a Darwinist and a theist
  • The conundrum of “theistic evolution”
  • Intelligent Design
  • Why there is so much confusion in Catholicism about evolution

This is one of those episodes that’s going to challenge some of your fundamental presuppositions and make you say, “What? Really?” Enjoy!

God bless!


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