092: The Anti-Mary…Exposed!

Featuring Dr. Carrie Gress

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Every now and then you come across someone who opens your eyes to the reality behind the curtain a little bit more.

My guest just tore the whole curtain down.

Dr. Carrie Gress has written an eye-popping exposé titled, The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing Culture from Toxic Femininity.

It’s a barn-burner.

And before any of you men think, “Well, I guess I’ll go find something a little more manly…” STOP! This is something you NEED to hear.

There is a war going on for the hearts and minds of your wives, daughters, sons, friends…even yours!

And you’re about to hear the sounds of battle. In this episode, Dr. Gress and I discuss:

  • The force behind the breathtaking rise of lesbianism and transgenderism
  • The insidious relationship between the Russian Revolution and the Women’s Lib movement
  • The increasingly popular world of goddess worship
  • Who is Lilith and why you need to be aware of “her”
  • What popular publications are dangerous and why (This will surprise you…)
  • Why men aren’t fighting back
  • Why the Virgin Mary is the real point of attack

Of course, we also discuss the antidote to all of this craziness so that we can reclaim what has been lost and get culture back on track.

Go pour yourself a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for an extremely important episode of the Art of Catholic.

God bless!


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