078: Unpacking the Our Father

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Parts of it should actually scare you.

All of it should inspire you.

The Our Father is the most famous of all prayers, taught to us by God himself.

And while you’ve probably droned through it a few thousand times, have you ever really dug into what you’re saying?

For a long time, I hadn’t. And my guess is it’s the same for many of you.

So in celebration of the upcoming (at least in many countries) Father’s Day holiday, I thought I’d pay homage to the Our Father on the Art of Catholic podcast, by unveiling the inner logic of Christ’s own prayer.

Because this isn’t just a prayer, it’s a deep, rich teaching that provides a window into the very identities of both God and man, and our incredible relationship.

I have a chapter devoted to this deep and beautiful prayer in my book, “Prayer Works: Getting a  Grip on Catholic Spirituality.” So I thought I’d just do a kind of audio book reading of that chapter for you.

In it, we’ll cover things like:

  • The incredible power of words
  • The scariest petition ever
  • All the forms of prayer
  • The order in which we should ask for things from God
  • The meaning and theology underlying each petition of the Our Father

After listening to this episode, my guess is that you’ll never pray the Our Father the same way again.

Happy Our Father’s Day!


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