068: Left…Right…Catholic: Solving the Problems of Environment, Economics, & Morality

By now you’ve come to expect this.

And by “this”, I mean challenging topics. Well, this one is a doozy.

We’re going to talk about nature. And by that I don’t just mean forests and rivers and cute little squirrels. I also mean human nature.

My guest is the brilliant Dr. Ben Wiker, author of an incredible new book titled, “In Defense of Nature: The Catholic Unity of Environmental, Economic, and Moral Ecology.”

He’s a genius at showing how the respect and care for creation necessarily leads to respect and care for human nature…and vice versa.

In other words, it’s illogical to be an environmentalist and try to destroy humans at the same time.

Similarly, if you are a defender of life and human nature, you need to not forget about the natural world.

If the tree hugger alarm bells are faintly ringing in your brain, don’t worry. I’m not that guy. (I haven’t even worn Birkenstocks since the 90s.)

This is an incredibly deep topic and a massive issue between Left and Right, Liberal and Conservative.

To bridge the gap, this episode exposes the fact that there is real unity in nature, unity between the physical and spiritual realms.

And that unity has consequences.

If that seems obvious to you, just wait. I’m betting that you’re going to have some serious “Holy Toledo!” moments during this episode.

Among other things, Dr. Wiker and I discuss:

  • What is catholic ecology? (Yes, I intended a small “c”.)
  • Who was Francis Bacon and why should his bacon be cooked.
  • The connection between landfills and sin. (Not gonna lie. This one threw me at first.)
  • The evil underbelly of (and religion surrounding) recycling
  • How contraceptive principles actually apply to food
    • a.k.a. “Why you’ll never look at Froot Loops the same way again”
  • Why sometimes what’s good for the economy is not good for you

This is an episode that doesn’t pull any punches.

But it does provide a common foundation form which we can approach a very serious and damaging divide. So put a bowl of granola in one hand and a gun in the other, lean back, and enjoy!

God bless,



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