067: The Catholic Crisis of Masculinity…and what to do about it

I’m tired of people asking, “Where have all the good men gone?”

It’s not really all that hard to figure out. They’ve gone where they’ve been told to…out.

Men are meant to play a God-given, pivotal role in the family, in the Church, and in culture at large. It’s a role that’s too often abandoned or belittled…to dire effect.

We lack children. We lack vocations. We lack men.

We are in a crisis that is simply not being addressed by enough people.

And if we don’t change things quickly, the extensive damage will only get worse.

This is not a “let’s beat our chests and be men” episode of the Art of Catholic. Nor is it  a “let’s hammer on men” episode. This is an episode centered around an epidemic that desperately needs attention from both sides of the gender aisle (and yes, there are only two).

It’s a topic crucial to the vitality of the Church.

To help address the issue I brought in Bear Woznick, a giant of a man who just completed the second season of a new EWTN show called “Long Ride Home.” In this episode we’ll tackle:

  • The incredible statistics that show why kids stop going to Mass (It will blow your mind...)
  • Why most men don’t sing at Mass
  • Part of the truth behind the priest shortage
  • Why Catholic women should be applauded…loudly
  • How women can help – need to help – men be men
  • How the liturgy plays a role in the crisis (and its solution)

We need to stop asking “Where have all the good men gone?” We know where they are. Now let’s go get them.

God bless!


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