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008: Finding God Through Meditation with Dan Burke

Lots of saints make strong statements about prayer. St. Alphonsus Ligouri is probably the scariest. Referencing St. Teresa of Avila, he once stated that “He who neglects mental prayer needs no devil to carry him to hell. He brings himself there with his own hands.” Yikes! Lucky for you (and […]

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When Joy Is Wrong – According to St. John of the Cross

It sounds a bit crazy when you first hear it. According to St. John of the Cross, there is actually a time when we shouldn’t be rejoicing in beautiful things like marriage and children. What in the world does he mean? We’re all aware we shouldn’t take inordinate pleasure in […]

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007: The Joys (& Challenges) of Family Life w/ Brandon McGinely

Everybody comes from some kind of family. Some are good. Some are bad. Most are crazy in some way or another. Regardless, family is the building block of all society because our families image the family of God. And as we all know, families are under attack. In fact, one […]

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006: Bible Basics With John Bergsma

I’m sure that a lot of you know John Bergsma. For those who don’t, allow me to introduce him. Dr. Bergsma is a Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and convert to Catholicism. He’s not any old convert…he’s a former Protestant pastor. Those of you who have heard him […]

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005: Curveball – The Conversion of Taylor Marshall

This is a great conversion story. Dr. Taylor Marshall is the president and founder of the New St. Thomas Institute. But in a previous life he was an Episcopalian priest who found the Lord through a chance encounter with a baseball card. You heard me right…a baseball card. Give it […]

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