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9 Steps To Deep Devotion (Part Deux)

Did it hurt? It should have. If you prayed over and meditated on the first three steps we outlined in my last post, you should have felt something stir. (No, not that…that was your third plate of lasagna from last night.) Seriously, unless you’re a saint, any real pondering on the […]

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What Most Catholics Never Think About In Mass

My unruly child(ren). The Dallas Cowboys. Phineas and Ferb. Unlike the rest of you super-holy people, my mind sometimes wanders at Mass. But in prayer the other day, I was struck hard by one of the deepest mysteries present in the words of Our Lord – “Do this in remembrance of […]

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9 Steps to Deep Devotion (Part 1)

Are you devoted to God? I mean, really devoted? Not long ago I interviewed Dan Burke, author and president of the Avila Institute on my radio show. (Look for it on iTunes soon – “The Art of Catholic.”) We were talking about a book he edited by St. Peter Alcantara, titled […]

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Spiritual Theology Knowledge Bombs!

Tonight (Wednesday) on “The Art of Catholic” I chat with Dan Burke, executive director of the National Catholic Register, and founder/president of The Avila Institute. We’re getting into the writings of St. Peter Alcantara, who was the spiritual director of St. Teresa of Avila (i.e. the guy is no slouch). Tune […]

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How To Explain The Trinity To A Child (And An Adult)

Maybe you could have done better…I freaked. When my oldest daughter was just 3 years old, she asked a doozy of a question – at bedtime, of course: “Daddy, how is God 3 Persons, but they’re all God?” After a short-lived panic attack, during which thoughts like, “Questions about the Trinity already? Seriously?….Perhaps […]

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