Why Pray If God Already Knows What’s Going To Happen?

“Isn’t it like training for a contest that’s already over? A game that ended yesterday?” If God already knows what’s going to happen, what’s the point of praying?” Recall from my last post that prayer doesn’t change God’s mind. He’s unchangeable. Prayer isn’t for God. It’s for us. It molds us into his image. It helps restore us […]

Does Prayer Change God’s Mind?

When I wasn’t hurlting like a porpoise on speed down a slip-n-slide, or trying to tear the arms off of my neighbor’s Stretch Armstrong as a kid, I often played Solitaire. (“Where is this going?” you ask.) Of course, Solitaire is all about getting the right cards at the right time. And when the prospect […]

Why God Sometimes Doesn’t Seem To Answer

Have you ever looked back on something for which you were praying hard and thought, “Man, am I glad that didn’t happen!”? Whether it was desperately searching for a stylist at SuperCuts to perm your mullet before prom, or a significant other you wanted to ask out to dinner who later went on a three state crime spree…We’ve all had things […]

The Easiest Way To Become Spiritually Perfect…Guaranteed!

So you want to become perfect. (Or at least you should.) But there’s one little problem. Except for Our Lady, not one of us was born into the perfect life. (Your mother-in-law might think her son is perfect, but…) Here’s the thing. Jesus says in Matthew 5:48 “be perfect even as your heavenly father is perfect.” […]