Monthly Archives: April 2015

Can You Be Too Hardcore A Catholic?

It wasn’t the first time I’ve been told I’d scare people. That tends to be the response when you start talking about hatchets. The first draft I turned in of my first book “Louder Than Words: The Art of Living as a Catholic” opened with a story of St. Peter […]

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Get Real! They Were.

Don’t think for a second they weren’t real. Saints were very much real people. We’re too used to thinking of them in terms of the smiling, gentle statues in the back of church where we throw in a couple of coins looking for a little assistance. “Hey St. Anthony, can you help […]

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Why You Don’t Want To Go To Purgatory

We’ve all heard it before. The universal call to holiness means we’re supposed to get holy. Every one of us is called to sainthood. And really, what are the alternatives? Well, behind door number 1 is the eternal fire of hell. No thanks. Slightly less warm is behind door number […]

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