Watch Out For the Drones!

Drones. Everybody is talking about drones. Whether they’re spying on us, or delivering a new book or box of diapers to our home, drones are everywhere. Of course, they’re nothing new. Drones have been around as long as there has been Mass. You know, those people (like you and me) who drone through the prayers and […]

Don’t Forget The 3rd Guy!

Raise your hand if you remember the poor guy left sitting on Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin played golf on the moon and posed for that MTV promo! Anyone? Bueller? Like so many three person groups, the Holy Spirit is all too often the forgotten member of the Most Holy Trinity. I think […]

How To Avoid Any Fear Of The New Year According to JPII

Worried about the future? (And I don’t mean how you’re going to follow through on that resolution to complete a triathlon made in front of all your co-workers after your third spiked Egg Nog.)   Though every New Year is really nothing more than the turn of a calendar page, it’s natural to have a bit of excitement tinged […]