124: How Catholics Read & Interpret Scripture

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
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As you may know, I’m a convert.

I became Catholic almost 25 years ago. And one of the major reasons why I did was that many of the Protestant denominations in which I spent time interpreted the very same Bible in many different, often contradictory ways.

I needed an authoritative voice to say, “This is the truth!”

And praise God, I found it in the Catholic Church.

Jesus gave us the Church and the Church gave us the Bible.

But while Catholicism certainly  defines the meaning of many passages, it doesn’t give us an exact interpretation of everything.

That said, it does give us specific guidelines to follow when interpretation is needed. And as outlined by the Catechism (n. 115), part of those guidelines are called the “4 Senses of Scripture.”

And knowing what they are can totally change how you read the Bible personally, as well as experience it in the Mass.

Unique Holy Land Pilgrimage with Matthew Leonard

So I asked two amazing priests, Fr. Michael Mitchell and his brother, Fr. Jason Mitchell, to join me on the Art of Catholic to explain it all to us.

Who better, since they’re in the midst of publishing a new commentary on the daily mass readings titled “All Things New: A Catholic Scriptural Resource for Homilies and Personal Prayer“?

So give it a listen. We discuss things:

  • The meaning of the Literal, Allegorical, Moral, & Anagogical Senses of Scripture
  • What meaning has first priority?
  • How does understanding Scripture intensify our participation in the Mass?
  • What does it even mean to “participate” in Christ?
  • How does a priest prepare a fruitful homily?
  • and more!

Give it a listen and participate in God’s Word in a deeper, more fulfilling way!

God bless!



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  1. I enjoyed this session with the brother priests. Where can I find a copy of their book: All Things New?

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