116: Brant Pitre Reveals the Scriptural Secrets of St. Joseph

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard

Think you’ve already heard it all about St. Joseph? Hold that thought.


Because Dr. Brant Pitre is back on the Art of Catholic and he’s firing on all of his Cajun’ cylinders.

Remember how much you learned when he blew your mind on Mary in episode 86? Now he’s going next level on St. Joseph.

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All I’m going to say is “buckle-up” as he blows the lid off things like:

  • The secret identity of St. Joseph
  • The important clues regarding Joseph in the genealogy of St. Matthew
  • The darkly illuminating backstory that explains the awful Massacre of the Innocents that Jesus barely escaped
  • The vital importance of the census story in Bethlehem and the House of David
  • How we know the royal line of David in Jesus’ time even though all records had been destroyed
  • The one powerful word Scripture indicates St. Joseph uttered
  • and more!

Trust me. This conversation will open your spiritual eyes and totally transform your whole understanding of St. Joseph and the entire Holy Family. Enjoy!

God bless!



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11 Responses

  1. St. Joseph has been in my life since I was 13 yrs old. I married a man named Joseph ; a faithful cradle Catholic as I am. Listening to this from Brant Pitre made my heart so happy. First I’ve been extremely happy and have done the Consecration to St. Joseph with my group and then getting to hear this was wonderful as well. Looking forward to the St. Joseph summit coming up and looking after I get off here for BreaNt Pitres talks on St.Joseph as well. Please have more teachings of Brant Pitre. He has such a great way of teaching. Thank you Matthew. Love all that you are doing. God bless you both.

  2. Hey Matt !

    Great to have another smattering from you and Brant. Esp as I’ve had another monkey sitting on my R shoulder of late whispering, “…it’s all hocus-pocus you know…”

    Everything has to be paid for now and I’m stuck in this regard ….so when I do see another free podcast of yours or Brant’s I almost take off vertically…


    Cape Town

    1. Hi, Bev! Glad you enjoyed it. Kick that monkey off your shoulder…and make sure he stays off your back, too:). God bless!

  3. Matthew. I am truly blown away. This is the first time I have heard and understood the full lineage of St. Joseph for his sake. And then to get the full background of Herod and why he did what he did in the killing of the Innocence and lastly why Joseph could not return to their home.
    Lastly, I am so touched and moved by the deepening awareness of his humility and his silence of his kingship. My husband and I have made the Consecration to St. Joseph in March of this year and since have had an aware ness of him which is wonderful. Yet all this new information has given me such a deeper awareness and I know without a doubt more reverence and honor to him.
    The comparison to Moses with regard to be saving from slaughter. Never heard or read about it. Jesus the New Adam, yes.
    Thank you for this beautiful gift and for your devotion and commitment to bringing about these lectures. Sincerely,
    Veronica G
    P.S, My husband celebrated 40 years as a deacon on April 11th. Feast of Divine Mercy. Our three daughters bought him a 3 1/2 statue of St. Joseph that has an honored place in our garden.

    1. Praise God, Veronica. It’s all beautiful, isn’t it. Please tell your husband I said “congratulations” on his diaconate ordination anniversary! God bless!

  4. This was such a great teaching on St. Joseph. Loved it. Anything having to do with St. Joseph is definitely something I want to read and hear about. Ive had a devotion to him since I was 13 as his was the first statue I received at that age. Thank you Dr. Pitre and Matthew for all that you both do to teach us all more and more about our Faith. Your love and commitment to God is so beautiful to see. God bless you. Prayers always.

  5. What do we know about the lineage of Mary? Because as I understand it being “Jewish” is passed down through the mother. If a Christian woman marries a Jewish man the children are not Jewish. But the reverse is also true if a Jewish woman marries a Christian man the children are Jewish. So Mary passing on her Jewishness should make her lineage more important than Joseph’s adoption of Jesus. Teri Bouknecht

    1. Hi, Teri! Good question. Scripturally, the family line is that of the father, which is why you always see them mentioned as “so and so, the father of…”, so Joseph’s lineage is important. The underlying point, though, isn’t whether or not Jesus is Jewish. He is Jewish from both sides, blood-wise from Mary and legally from Joseph through adoption. Brant’s point is that he is of the royal line of David, which makes Christ the heir apparent in more than just a spiritual sense. (There is some debate regarding whether or not Mary of the royal line, as well.) Make sense?

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