114: Can You Really Suffer with Joy & Tame the Tongue?

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther tried to relegate the book of James to the appendix of the Bible.

Why? It didn’t square with his “faith alone” theology.

But James is far more than just an apologetic argument against Luther’s faulty doctrine.

It holds the secret of joyful suffering and is a powerful (and scary) reminder of how we need to seriously guard what we say.

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In the latest Art of Catholic podcast, author Shane Kapler (James: Jewish Roots, Catholic Fruits) and I discuss:

  • How we can actually endure suffering joyfully
  • Exactly what to do when we suffer
  • How suffering is related to deification
  • How your speech can literally keep you out of heaven
  • Why Luther called the book of James an “epistle of straw”
  • Why James’s nickname was “Camel Knees”
  • and a lot more!

I took James as my Confirmation name particularly because of this book of the Bible, so this topic is close to my heart. He pulls no punches…so get ready:).


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10 Responses

  1. Excellent. Truly loved this. Makes one reflect on the purpose of our walk in Christ. Science of Sainthood is the way to go my brothers and sisters!

  2. I listened to your podcast on Suffering with Joy last night. Good job to you and your guest. I found it helpful because I often need to remind myself that my suffering can be joined with Jesus suffering on the cross and that I am recieving redemption. It does make suffering easier. Thank you Matthew for all your hard work for us.

  3. Loved this interview. It reminded me of the importance of watching my tongue. Mathew and Shane, thank you for so beautifully explaining redemptive suffering. I tend to forget that I can unite my suffering to that of Christ. This interview brings hope into our lives that our suffering need not be in vain. God bless you both as you continue to work for His Kingdom.

  4. Loved this interview! It reminded me that I should watch my tongue. Matthew and Shane, thank you for so beautifully explaining redemptive suffering. When I am going through a difficult time or struggling through the day, I tend to forget that I can unite my suffering to that of Christ. This interview is filled with hope for those of us who are suffering, which in the current time, is all of us in some way or another – the hope that our suffering does not have to be in vain but can be offered up in union with Christ’s suffering for our salvation and that of others.

  5. This morning I fell so in pain because I promise a person to pick her up and drive to receive communion in a car suddenlyI felt so much in pain ,why the pain.suddenly I remember Jesus said pic up your cross and follow me, and started to gets ready praising God ,my pain as change in joy as soon as I was talkings to Jesus …What à mystery of God’S love ❤️ for us.

  6. I absolutely loved this, it’s opened a whole new perspective for me. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.

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