108: Would You Still Convert to Catholicism?

Yes, the Church is in crisis. But should the current problems discourage conversion?

On this episode of the Art of Catholic, I’m joined by EWTN morning host Matt Swaim in a conversation about Matt’s winding road to Catholicism… and a whole lot more.

What started as a conversion story became an honest discussion of where the Church stands today and how to deal with it.

Matt’s in the thick of all the news on a daily basis because of his radio show. He’s also constantly dealing with potential converts through his work at the Coming Home Network, so his is a very interesting take.

For cradle Catholics, our conversation is a unique look into the Evangelical world. For converts (or potential converts), it’s a stroll down memory lane. But at the end of the day, it’s a clarion call for each of us to take a hard look in the mirror.

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3 thoughts on “108: Would You Still Convert to Catholicism?

  1. Becoming christain gave me an eye opening experience but becoming Catholic finished the experience and now I am getting to know the Saints and Mary. I knew I was missing something in communion and now I know it was the truth.