107: Understanding the Crisis of Catholic Men

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Men have become caricatures in modern culture. And it’s had a big impact even inside the Catholic Church.

This has to change…immediately. But for that to happen, we have to recognize the deeper problems. There are issues of language, liturgy, and a true understanding of human nature.

Thankfully, there is a solution.

It’s Coming!!

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Soooo awesome!”


Join Matthew Leonard in an honest, engaging, hopeful discussion with a dynamic young priest named Fr. Patrick Schultz as they discuss issues like:

  • Why evangelizing of men is the top priority of the New Evangelization
  • Why men need to see priests as spiritual fathers (and how church liturgies often discourage this)
  • How a man can be part of the “Bride of Christ” (even though it sounds odd)
  • How St. John Paul II spoke to the issue of manhood
  • Why Jesus Christ came to heal humanity’s “daddy issues”
  • How a priest can actually be “espoused” to the Church
  • What women/wives can do to help men flourish as men

This is NOT an episode for men only. It’s a topic that deeply affects every one of us. God bless and please share this with others!


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4 thoughts on “107: Understanding the Crisis of Catholic Men

  1. What a amazing topic to begin with Matthew. For such a young priest Father Schulz has some amazing insight. I love his enthusiasm and passion about our church. Even at my age l have so much to learn. Thank you thank you so much for this podcast.

  2. this was a good segment. I have seen to many men struggle with this in our own parish. It hurts me to see them struggle. But it’s true what you say as goes the father of the family so go the children in so many cases. I have close friends that struggle with this, and I am guilty because I do not know how to approach them. Thanks again. I think in discerning in what I have just heard in this short time will hopefully help me in helping others.
    Peace and God be with you all.

    • Glad to hear it, Joseph. It’s a pivotal issue, for sure, and the solution always begins in prayer. Of course, prayer is always supposed to lead to action. May the Lord bless and direct you as you discern how to approach it in the lives of those around you.