099: Understanding Suffering through the Eyes of St. Paul


It’s impossible to read St. Paul’s letters without coming across the topic of suffering. It’s everywhere.

And it’s because the question of suffering is constantly nagging us. Why do we suffer? What does it mean? If God loves us, how come we suffer?

Enter St. Paul.

His teaching is absolutely essential to the understanding of suffering and how it can become beautifully redemptive through the Cross of Christ.

So to unpack his amazing (very Catholic) teaching, I asked Dr. John Kincaid, an expert on St. Paul, to join me on the Art of Catholic.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The essence of the Catholic teaching on redemptive suffering
  • How what I was taught as a Protestant about suffering didn’t really understand St. Paul
  • How we can actually “rejoice” in our suffering along with St. Paul (Col. 1:24)
  • Why it’s okay to be weak (yep!)
  • The incredible meaning behind Paul’s discussion of “labor pains” in Galatians that will totally expand your view of redemptive suffering

This is an incredibly eye-popping conversation and it’s perfect timing for our liturgical time of the year, as well as what’s going on in the world.

God bless and enjoy!


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