097: Consecration to St. Joseph: Crazy or Crucial?

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
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It’s quite possible you (or others you know) have made a total consecration to Our Lady. (I’ve done it twice.)

But St. Joseph? Really?

Yep…at least according to my guest, Fr. Don Calloway, vicar provincial of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception.

In fact, Fr. Calloway calls this the “time of St. Joseph.” And after this extraordinary conversation, I totally agree with him!

I’ve had a devotion to St. Joseph for years, but now I see him in a totally different light…and you will, too.

Join us as Fr. Don and I discuss, among other things:

  • Why consecration to St. Joseph is powerful even if you’re already consecrated to Mary
  • Why the idea of consecration to St. Joseph took time to get traction
  • Why St. Joseph is known as the “Terror of Demons”
  • Debunking the idea St. Joseph was an old man
  • Whether “Foster Father of Jesus” is an appropriate title
  • Why St. Joseph is the “Patron of the Dying” (including some very cool scriptural insights)

This was an extremely fun and informative conversation and you’re going to love it!


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4 Responses

  1. That was an amazing show – thank you!
    Years ago I started asking St. Joseph to be the patron saint of my family, and what a blessing that has been. I plan on ordering Father’s book and beginning it this Lent. I’ll also look into your Lenten video study – again thank you!
    May I suggest to you to look at, if you haven’t already, the website http://www.opusangelorum.org
    It has a wealth of knowledge on the Holy Angels, St. Joseph and the Blessed Mother.

  2. Hi Matt,

    I’m doing the 33 days preparation for consecration right now. I’m struggling a bit with accepting some of the things said in the book. For example, I’ve heard of Latria, Dulia and Hyperdulia. But protodulia is unheard of to me.
    I guess part of the problem is that we’ve grown up as Catholics with Mary from a young age so accepting her was more natural, at least for us cradle Catholics. I’m wondering if what I’m facing now is at least remotely similar what you faced when considering Marian devotion while coming to the Catholic faith. A lot of it feels “made up” than something that’s really part of the Catholic faith the way Marian devotion is. In any case, I’ve learned to trust the Church even when I don’t understand what or why she teaches something. However, could you suggest any books on St. Joseph from an apologetics and Biblical point of view – something like Dr. Hahn’s “Hail Holy Queen” or Dr. Pitre’s “Jesus and the Jewish roots of Mary?” I do hope some resources exist. Fr. Calloway’s book does give some reasons but I do have unanswered questions at times.

    God Bless!

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