094: Unlocking Catholic Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Picture of by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

Featuring Dr. John Bergsma

Discovered in 1946 by a guy throwing rocks into a cave, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been called “the greatest archeological find of the 20th century.”

And they’re totally Catholic!

Join Matthew Leonard and scrolls expert Dr. John Bergsma as they unlock some very illuminating secrets from these famous scrolls.


It’s a conversation that may help fill in some cracks you didn’t even realize were there.

Among other things they’ll cover:

  • What the Scrolls teach us about the Eucharist
  • The mysterious Essenes and Christ’s relationship to them
  • Why Matthew, Mark, and Luke say the Last Supper was on a different day than the Gospel of John…and how to reconcile that difference
  • Why in the world John the Baptist lived in the wilderness eating weird stuff and wearing animal skins
  • How the Scrolls shed light on what books make up the Bible (or don’t)

This is a jam-packed interview that will help you see the story of Scripture in a whole new way!

God bless!


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3 Responses

  1. RE: “… they’re totally Catholic!”
    I believe that when Jesus said “You have heard ‘Love you neighbor and hate your enemy’, but I tell you …” he was addressing – and admonishing – the Essenes, the group associated with the Qumran community who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. “Love you neighbor and hate your enemy” was a saying of the Essenes, so I question whether the Scrolls should be considered fully compatible with Catholic theology. Even if John the Baptist had spent much of his life with them, he clearly made a break with them in order to fulfill his ministry of preparing the way for our Lord.

    1. Hi, Francis. Thanks for the comment. Simply because the Essenes were possibly admonished by Christ doesn’t invalidate the light the scrolls throw on Catholic teaching (which is what we’re saying). No one is saying the scrolls are the canon of Scripture. Merely that they help validate Catholic doctrine and certain Scripture passages. God bless!

  2. I’m a little late to the game here (by 3 years lol) but I find it divinely interesting that that the Sorrowful Mysteries are prayed on Tuesdays (old calendar Passover) and Fridays (traditional Passover). Signal Grace?

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