092: The Anti-Mary…Exposed!

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

Featuring Dr. Carrie Gress

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Every now and then you come across someone who opens your eyes to the reality behind the curtain a little bit more.

My guest just tore the whole curtain down.

Dr. Carrie Gress has written an eye-popping exposé titled, The Anti-Mary Exposed: Rescuing Culture from Toxic Femininity.

It’s a barn-burner.

And before any of you men think, “Well, I guess I’ll go find something a little more manly…” STOP! This is something you NEED to hear.

There is a war going on for the hearts and minds of your wives, daughters, sons, friends…even yours!

And you’re about to hear the sounds of battle. In this episode, Dr. Gress and I discuss:

  • The force behind the breathtaking rise of lesbianism and transgenderism
  • The insidious relationship between the Russian Revolution and the Women’s Lib movement
  • The increasingly popular world of goddess worship
  • Who is Lilith and why you need to be aware of “her”
  • What popular publications are dangerous and why (This will surprise you…)
  • Why men aren’t fighting back
  • Why the Virgin Mary is the real point of attack

Of course, we also discuss the antidote to all of this craziness so that we can reclaim what has been lost and get culture back on track.

Go pour yourself a cup of coffee and prepare yourself for an extremely important episode of the Art of Catholic.

God bless!


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23 Responses

  1. Yes !! My 2 sisters and I have all read this book! We are having our daughters, husbands and sons read it too!!
    BIG EYE OPENER! Fake Feminists and Lilith.. beware you will no longer have hold over our hearts!!

  2. This is a great interview and subject. I have been made aware of some of these things singe attempting to go “Next Level”. I had heard a little of an interview that Al Kresta had with Dr Gress a couple weeks ago and this completes the picture. Very sobering stuff.

    I went to a Lilith Fair concert back in the mid 90s with my wife. I dragged her along (Jewel was there so). I was in the minority there and not just as a male.

    Great interview as usual. I plan on getting this book so that my wife and (3) daughters can read it.

    1. Thanks, Ron. Yes, it’s incredibly sobering…and a call to arms. (I know exactly what you mean by the “minority” comment! It’s far worse now!)

  3. Matthew,
    Thank you. I read somewhere recently that the word “thank” derives from a Latin word that means “think.” And so, it implies that the person being thanked has given the other much to think about. I hope that’s true, because you have. And so, thank you. And thank you Carrie.

    Lawrence McG

    1. No it’s Germanic in origin, similar to Danken in German or Takk in Norwegian. “Thanks be to God” in Latin is Deo Gratias.

  4. Thank you. I am looking forward to listening to the interview and reading the book. It makes me sad and, honestly, angry, to see how the so-called “woman’s movement” is so anti-woman and anti-feminism. I pray for society to embrace true catholic feminism.

  5. Dr. Carrie Gress knocked it out of the park!! Together with men, we need a lot more women like Dr. Carrie!! The strong three string chord will not be broken: men, women and God (Ecclesiastes 4:12). After personally helping investigate an alleged Marian apparition that produced and ended up with this cultic group that made death threats to all of us and me, with the top leader now fugitive of the law after sexual crimes against his own followers, I can attest that the Lilith False Goddess Lust Demon totally tries to impersonate Holy Mary (just like “La Santa Muerte” in Mexico, etc.).

    Other alleged apparitions like that of late Maria Esperanza de Bianchini try to “so very softly” infitrate the Marxist version of “social justice” into the Church, among many other things. Lilith is a double pinzer of hyper organized, vicious, violent anti-Church, anti-Mary activism on one side and So-Very-Soft Impostor-Mary delusions leading to compromise and betrayal on the other. Jesus, Mary, Joseph, prayer and great books like this are the way out of it!! Victory, Jesus Himself, awaits!!

  6. Hi Matthew, I enjoyed the interview and will definitely read the book. This antiChrist spirit the author refers to has been alive and well since the time of Christ’s crucifixion and has had many incarnations, one of which is, of course, the feminist movement.

    One thing I have a problem with is the term “Judeo-Christian”. It is a contradiction in terms. Biblical Judaisim, has nothing at all to do with Rabbinical Judaism which still rejects Jesus Christ and in fact, blasphemes both Jesus Christ and His Blessèd Mother in the Talmud.

    Also, in my humble opinion, Medjugorje is a fraud. Refer to E. Michael Jones, Anthony Stine etc.

    In general, I love your work. You are very inspiring.

    Warm regards.

    1. Hi, Jenny. Thanks for the comment. Yes, the spirit of the anti-Christ has been hard at work from almost the beginning. Thank goodness the final outcome is already known, though we need to continue to fight.

      With regard to “Judeo-Christian”, I think the term has more to do with a set of common moral values that are inherent to both Judaism and Christianity (which has its origins in Judaism and Jewish law given by God) as opposed to Rabbinic Judaism (in the strict sense). At least, that’s the way it is commonly used today (and how it was used in this context).

      As far as Medjugorje, I understand your concern. That said, that’s one of the beauties of being Catholic. I don’t have to make the final decision. It’s up to the Church (which recently approved official pilgrimages). Validity of apparition sites is not always easy to determine, and sometimes, some things are validated and others not (e.g La Salette). My choice to go on pilgrimage there is not an endorsement of anything, but I am extremely keen to spend time in a place that appears to be bearing great fruit in a lot of people’s lives and spend some quality time in prayer. We’ll see how it goes!

      Again, thanks for your comments and God bless you!

  7. This reminds me of the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing discussing Saul Alynsky in relation to the lies and manipulation used to accomplish his goals. Seems like the women’s “movements” have been doing exactly the same and as Dr. Gress pointed out in that they have made no progress in what they promise all women and have simply perpetuated the same issues women have faced since the dawn of time. Amazing…definitely getting the book and asking my wife to read it too. Might even buy some for my nieces and nephews….they have definitely been affected (should say infected) by this culture..scary stuff…but we’ve got the spiritual weapons to battle this with the help of our Lord. Great info.

    Now, I am going back to my Next Level Catholic 🙂 As always great info & work Matthew!!

    1. Great insight, Michael! I’m sure they were all reading the same tactical books given the connection to Marxism in the women’s lib movement. God bless!

  8. Thank you Dr. Gress and Matthew for an eye opening podcast. Matthew, what you described as collusion I have referred to as ‘cross contamination’ for about a decade.

    1. It was from the beginning of Dr. Gress’ book. It was originally on a web article by Mallory Millett titled, “Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives”. You can find it if you search under that title and “Front Page” (which I think is the name of the online magazine).

  9. I have heard this episode several times over, as well as having read the book and discussed this topic with a good friend. She pointed out to me that it seems like the “feminist” movement is trying to blot out Jesus himself as God who became man. Everything to do with him. Hlthey type of family he came from, the values he brought to this world, and the beauty and harmony of God’s original design.

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