090: Salvation – What Every Catholic Needs to Understand

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by Matthew Leonard

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The infection has gone deep.

Case in point…Several years ago I was at a very orthodox Catholic conference on the West Coast. Great talks. Great people. Great event.

Then the wheels came off.

During the homily at Mass, the priest gave a completely anti-Catholic homily. He didn’t do it on purpose, but it was anti-Catholic nonetheless.

I was flabbergasted.

I turned to a friend seated next to me, and asked, “Are you hearing what I’m hearing?” He nodded, just as frustrated as I was.

Later, we proceeded to have a conversation about one of the most misunderstood topics in Christianity – salvation.

That friend with whom I spoke so many years ago, Dr. Michael Barber, is my guest on this episode of the Art of Catholic. He wrote a book on this very topic (Salvation: What Every Catholic Needs to Know). And we’re about to continue that discussion begun so many years ago.

We’re going to discuss:

  • The major difference between Catholic and Protestant views on salvation
  • How exactly the Cross is a revelation of love
  • Why the Cross was even necessary
  • The role of good works in salvation
  • The strange relationship between economics and salvation
  • The big difference between salvation and redemption
  • The controversy over the statement – “There is no salvation outside the Church”

This is one of those meaty episodes for which the Art of Catholic is well-known. And you’re going to love it!

God bless!


The most dynamic, clearest path to spiritual transformation you’ll find anywhere.” – Mike Aquilina, Author & EWTN Personality

5 Responses

  1. I’ve always had trouble w the idea of becoming a saint, as if it’s an achievement I can obtain. No wonder other religions talk that Catholics think their works get them into heaven. I understand the reasoning for saying it, but our only reason for existence is to worship & commune w God through Christ. It’s a relationship not an achievement. Since my conversion I’ve read hundreds of books, listened to & watch thousands of hours of videos, movies & podcast, the most consistent theme I’ve seen is, those that try and achieve sainthood are ALWAYS side tracked w greed & envy…the true saints are the ones who keep their eyes on God, thru Christ & cooperating w the Holy Spirit. The more we hear “I want to be a saint” the more it becomes “my” achievement. My 2 cents! I’m not real smart though, took me 4 tries to do the math to get this posted!

    1. Hi, Mark. Thanks for the comment, though I’m not sure I’m totally understanding what you’re getting at. Regardless, I would say that we need MORE people declaring they want to be a saint, not less. Yes, at the end of the day it’s all a matter of God’s grace that makes it happen, but we have a part to play. (That’s where the work comes into play.) Yes, it’s a relationship, but as anybody in relationship will tell you, they’re work. They demand sacrifice. They demand self-gift. That’s what the path to sainthood is all about. That’s why the spiritual giants of the Church taught very specifically with regard to the path to sainthood. It’s not random. You can’t just tread spiritual water here on earth and expect to get to heaven. There are specific things laid out for us to do in order for us to deepen our relationship with God. Unfortunately, much of it is no longer on the radar of most people. That needs to change.

      1. Thank you for your response as well. Again, I agree with all you’re saying, but my humility will only allow me to say yes to God’s Devine Will…where ever it leads me! I work so hard to give up MY desires to his Will! As you know, that is VERY difficult sometimes!

  2. This interview is so informative to me as a convert from the Episcopal Church! You asked the best questions, Matt, and Dr. Barber’s explanation was perfect for me ( I did go back several times to understand more clearly, but that is my slow rate of processing?)! I shared this with several people and will buy the book. By the way, it also enhances the fantastic “changing my life” course I am taking at the Next Level Catholic Academy (referred to as NLCA for the bright students?)! Thank you for this, Matt and Dr. Barber!

    1. Hi, Gretchen! So glad to hear you enjoyed this conversation. (And I’m even more glad you’re rocking in Next Level Catholic Academy!) I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm!

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