088: The Astounding Doctrine of Deification

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard

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There is one doctrine of the Church that changes everything…and I mean everything!

And once you get it, your understanding of salvation is radically transformed.

I’m talking about deification.

Yup! You and I are were created to be divine!

St. Peter declares very clearly that we are destined to become a “partakers” of the divine nature of God (2 Pt 1:4). But that’s not the only place in Scripture this amazing doctrine is found.

It’s all over the place!

So to unpack what it is and where it’s found in the Bible, I invited Curtis Mitch on to the Art of Catholic podcast. (He’s the guy who wrote the amazing commentary in the very popular Ignatius Catholic Study Bible.)

There’s nobody I’d rather have on the program to address this from a scriptural point of view.

Here are just a few of the highlights of this episode:

  • Christ’s words about deification
  • Where deification is found in the prayers of the Mass
  • Why our deification was always God’s goal
  • How prayer relates directly to the process of deification
  • How deification sheds light on Adam’s Fall in the Garden of Eden
  • Why the Incarnation of Christ is the key to understanding deification

I loved this conversation with Curtis, and so will you.

So sit back, hitch up your pants, and get ready to hear why you are destined to be a god…literally.

God bless!


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The most dynamic, clearest path to spiritual transformation you’ll find anywhere.” – Mike Aquilina, Author & EWTN Personality

16 Responses

  1. Matthew,
    I don’t want to puff you guys up with all sorts of complimentary language, but it has to be said: you nailed it! Smack on!
    You raised the most critically important issues and you integrated them seamlessly. I really don’t know how to put into words the impact you created.
    Thank you for your devotion to this work. God bless you both with a sense of His oncoming gift of His divine life!

    Lawrence McGowan

    1. Thanks, Lawrence! I’m so glad you liked it. This is such a hugely important topic and we need to educate people and get the word out! God bless you!

  2. I’m usually lost for words at the end of these podcasts…all I can say now is that God is real.. and it is His Spirit that makes us One, Holy and Catholic!
    I thank God for this time in Salvation History and especially for Matthew S Leonard
    Can’t wait for the beautiful month of May… I look forward to taking my faith to the next level as I celebrate my birthday on the second day

    1. I’m the one who is at a loss for words…because your kind words. Thank you, Catherine! That means a lot. I’m so glad you loved this podcast because it’s one of my favorites of all time! God bless you and Happy (Almost) Birthday!

  3. I enjoyed it immensely, It was wonderful and eye opening. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do

  4. Outstanding! Once again, you have illuminated and educated this ‘cradle catholic’ on a topic of which I barely had a surface level knowledge. Thank you for taking a deep dive into scripture in such a way that makes it easy for everyone to understand. I can’t wait for Next Level Catholic.

    P.S. Apparently, Curtis Mitch and I had the same Christmas in 1982. My mom also brought the Atari 2600 out of the closet as our last gift. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad, Kevin! The topic of deification is truly life-changing. God be praised! (Unfortunately, I never got an Atari…such was the poor life of a pastor’s kid:(…but I had friends:).

      I can’t wait for Next Level Catholic Academy, either!!

  5. I so love this topic and enjoyed the podcast! Today I had a new (to me) insight. In Bishop Baron’s commentary on John 6:16-21 he correlates Jesus’ walking on water with the spirit of the Lord hovering over the surface of the waters at the beginning of time, pointing out that it is meant to affirm Jesus’ divinity and demonstrates his authority over nature. This led me to see Jesus calling Peter out of the boat to walk on water in a whole new light!

    1. Yes, the Church Fathers talk about Jesus walking on water as a sign of his sinlessness and control over nature. It’s all so awesome. God bless you, Mary Ann!

  6. Awesome presentation

    Book recommended:
    Called to be Children of God, the Catholic Theology of Deification by Meconi

    Divinization becoming icons of Christ through the Liturgy by Hofer

    The One Christ by Meconi

    Deification and Grace by Keating

    God bless

  7. as wonderful as revealing the meaning and orientation of deification is, it was also irrelevant and unhelpful to drive that point about animals home two times. there is more to family than deification. reminds me of so much scientism over the years that insists on drawing distinctions where there are far fewer, and where we should be questioning the drive to make these distinctions. i am sure that for many people, they actually are in fact family. it’s not an intellectual, cerebral exercise– it’s an emotional/spiritual/existential intelligence activated that links us to the lifeworld. they are family. they are fellow creatures of the creator. creating barriers has very real, both emotional and lifeworld-behavior and values, consequences. christianity as a whole historically has failed greatly in this recognition. saint francis is a great exception – brother sun, sister moon. family. this is equally deep and equally relevant as a revelation to apply to the way we move through the world, the way we love, and the way we encounter god in the life around us. and how we treat it. part of becoming more like god.

    1. Paige – My intent was not drive a wedge between humans and their pets. I agree that there can be a deep, emotional attachment between them. As I think I stated, I have a dog, as well. Animals are wonderful and a beautiful part of God’s creation. That said, using them as an example to draw out the distinctions between natures so as to illuminate what happens to us in the deification process, comes right out of Aquinas. I don’t think it’s irrelevant at all. It’s how the saints explained it. Regardless, thanks for your note. I appreciate the dialogue. God bless!

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