087: How To Think Like a Catholic

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by Matthew Leonard

Featuring Michael Matheson Miller

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Everything has gone haywire.

At every corner our traditional way of life is being undermined by forces that seem to come from every direction.

It’s a constant assault.

And it’s extremely easy for a Catholic to get caught up in being a “child of the times” without even realizing it.

It’s a slippery slope.

We’ve got to be able to identify and understand the danger and consequences of the ideological war that is attempting to re-define truth, freedom, and reality itself.

So I turned to Michael Matheson Miller for help.

He’s a sought after public speaker, writer, and a Distinguished Fellow at the Acton Institute…and he knows what he’s talking about.

Join us for an expose of the underlying ideas and forces that are seeking to tear apart not just the Church, but the whole world.

Among other things we’ll discuss:

  • What is a “Catholic mind?”
  • Why Pope Benedict XVI said we live in a “Dictatorship of Relativism”
  • Whether Catholicism provides an answer to every question. (The answer may surprise you.)
  • The true definition freedom?
  • Why a lot of respected secular academics believe computers will evolve into conscious beings…seriously.
  • The danger of ideology
  • and a whole lot more…

This is an important episode.

The secularism of the world is not neutral. It’s a specific worldview. And it’s high time we understand it, or we’ll go down the drain with it.

It’s high time to think like a Catholic!

God bless!


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The most dynamic, clearest path to spiritual transformation you’ll find anywhere.” – Mike Aquilina, Author & EWTN Personality

8 Responses

  1. I just love the way you explain everything Catholic Matthew. Just signed up for next level. Oh how I wish I was going back to Holy Land with you, Jim Caviezel and 206 Tours. I can hear interview really clear and even voices. Thanks! So glad you’re back!! ♥️

    1. Hi, Maria! So glad you enjoyed the interview. I wish you were coming back with me, too! I always enjoy seeing you online:). God bless!

  2. I’m so happy Michael mentioned his reading list! It’s a gold mine!

    I have another question in relation to typology (sorry I’m hijacking this post again). I’m not sure if you do mention it in Genesis to Jesus (I’m on lesson 11), but is there a typological connection between St. John the Baptist and the OT “elder siblings?”

    In the OT, we see the older siblings – Cain, Ishmael, Esau, Reuben being seconded to their younger siblings. This leads to envy, incest, murder and other grave sins. However, unlike the older siblings in the OT, St. John the Baptist is humble – he accepts God’s plan and says that Jesus, his younger cousin, “must increase and I must decrease.” While you were connected the dots between the covenants and their fulfilment in lesson 11, showing how Jesus succeeded where Adam failed, I wonder if we could also see that St. John the Baptist succeeded where his antitypes failed.

  3. Not sure I’ve seen anyone put it like that, Ashwith, or make that kind of a connection. I don’t really see a connection between John the Baptist and the elder siblings in Scripture. Are you seeing John as an “elder sibling” because of his possible “cousin” relation to Jesus? If so, that seems a stretch.

    1. Yes, I was seeing John as an elder brother to Jesus because he was Jesus’ cousin born 6 months before him. In OT, the older siblings couldn’t accept that their younger one was chosen. John showed humility and pointed others to Jesus.

      If you’ve not seen this before (from the early church father’s for example; I’ve not read them enough to know) then it most certainly is a stretch.

      Thanks Matt! Hope you have a blessed Holy Week and a Joyful Easter! 🙂

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