084: Heresy or Holy? The Question of Marian Consecration

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by Matthew Leonard

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“‘Slaves of Mary?’ Are you kidding me?”

That was my first (second, third…tenth) reaction to the words of St. Louis de Montfort in True Devotion to Mary, the classic text on our topic. 

The whole idea of consecrating yourself to anyone other than Jesus Christ made zero sense to me.

Not anymore.

I now understand and completely embrace the whole idea of consecration to Our Lady. And I can tell you from experience that it’s life-changing.

It can change yours, too.

So join me for a conversation on the deep power and beauty of Marian consecration with Joshua Mazrin, Director of Evangelization for the Diocese of Venice. Among other things, we’re going to discuss:

  • Why Protestants automatically reject Marian consecration as heretical
  • The deep theology underlying Marian consecration
  • How Scripture lays the foundation for Marian consecration
  • Our Lady’s intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit
  • The connection between the Immaculate Conception and Marian consecration
  • How Marian consecration is related to Baptism

Have a blessed Advent! Ave Maria!


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15 Responses

  1. Thank you Matthew for the teaching on Mariam consecration. It was enlightening and very helpful as I was having those doubts myself.

  2. Hi Matt, thank you for this episode! I have a question. The consecration is a way we consecrate ourselves to our Lady. How does consecration of say Russia (Pope St. John Paul II of course thankfully didn’t stop with just Russia) or the recent one for California work? More specifically, is it possible for us to consecrate others to our Lady, especially those who do not accept the Catholic faith or more broadly, who do not know our Lord at all?

  3. Doctrine of demons..”Mary brings us to God.”…False. Christ brings us to God.

    For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:
    1 Peter 3:18

    I can’t believe how many are sold this false teaching.

    1. Sorry, Scott. I used to think like you. But now I know better. Yes, ultimately it’s all about Christ, but that’s the point. Mary, the Mother of God (defined at the Council of Ephesus in 431AD, which even Protestants accept) brought Christ to us, and we go back to Christ in the same manner. As Christ said on the Cross in John 19, “Behold your mother.” We’re just using the channels he set up.

      1. Of course she is the Mother of God, and she gave birth to Christ, what a great honor and priviledge for her, and example of obedience to us. But we don’t go back to Christ through Mary. That is Unbiblical. “There is one mediator between man and God, the man Christ Jesus” 1Tim 2:5. Only One. Christ. You might be able to package up all nice and neat on the outside to the unlearned, but not to those who take the time for themselves to look into these matters.

        1. Scott – Your cut and paste scripture proofs ignore the entire story of Sacred Scripture. Tell you what…right now the St. Paul Center is streaming a series I produced for them for free called The Bible and the Virgin Mary. You can register for free online at stpaulcenter.com and it is delivered to your inbox…again, for free. They’re showing the whole thing during Advent. It shows where the Catholic Church gets it’s teaching about Mary. Seriously, watch it if you really want to know. I’m also producing another little video about this very topic which will be available in the near future. God bless, my friend.

          1. Cut and paste or not, that is the word of the Lord, and it is truth, regardless what you think of it, it’s too bad you treat it with such a petty remark.

          2. Not a petty remark in the least, Scott. I have an incredibly high regard for Scripture as the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Why? Because the Catholic Church tells me it is. Don’t forget that the Scripture you’re quoting to me only exists because of the Catholic Church. No Catholic Church, no Bible…period. And it makes total sense that the same Church that God gave the authority to tell us what books comprise the canon of Scripture, also has the authority to tell us what the Bible means. And one of the things the Church has been teaching from the earliest centuries is that Mary plays an intrinsic role in our salvation. Not because of anything she did, but because of how God used her. Everything is through the grace of God…everything. But just as you and I participate in the salvation of souls through our witness, so too does Mary play a role. She bore the Son of God!! The one person chosen amongst all the billions ever born! She brought Christ to us. It was his will that she be used in such a special way. It was his will that she be our Mother. And it remains his will, that just like the Queen Mothers in the Old Testament, she brings our needs and requests to her Son, the King. It’s high time our Separated Brethren stop ignoring the most important woman in history and recognize her beauty and role in the process of redemption. “Behold your mother!”

          3. Your so decieved Matthew. I’m curious how you came to your conclusions. That Bible did not come to us through the Roman Catholic church, the Bible came to us from God, the Scriptures are ‘God breathed’ that means they’re divinely inspired, that also means they’re self authenticating. That’s right Mattthew, that means no man can tell me what word of God is, save the Spirit of God which dwells in the believer..Jesus said my sheep hear my voice, and they follow me, but you micheal are not of Christ’ sheep, because you don’t hear His voice. Your trust is not in the Word of God, but in a “church”, you follow the strangers voice, not Christ’s. And as far Mary goes, she was honored by God to bring the Savior into the world, but salvation belong to the Lord!(Jonah 2:9) And let me tell you what the Lord said about the one who blessed His mother, He said ‘blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it” (Luke 11:28) Matthew come out from her and don’t be condemned with her. Repent and look to Christ to forgive you, and He will!

          4. So the Bible just dropped down out of the sky into your lap? All the other questions you raise I deal with in detail in the video series I mentioned earlier, which again, is streaming right now for free. Check it out if you really want to know. As far as where Scripture comes from, do search for the Catholic synods of Carthage and Hippo in the 4th century where the canon was defined. Again, no Catholic Church, no Bible. Simple as that.

  4. Michael,
    I had the chance to listen to your podcast on Consecration to Mary on Dec. 12, the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When St. Juan Diego encountered her, she spoke his language. Her first words were “Juantzín. Juan Dieguitzín.” In Spanish, that would have been “Juancito. Juan Dieguito.” That’s just how a mother would speak. So, when Christ’s church arrived in the New World, Mary, who had been given all of us as her children through the person of St. John, lost no time in establishing her calling there. And she did so through…yep, St. John. That neat little detail speaks to me of her deep desire that we come to her as hers! She so wants us to do so.

  5. I recently listened to the podcast and enjoyed. I am presently going through the consecration, ending on Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. I have had a couple of great timing events this time through 33 days to morning glory. One was day 9, shortly before this I was pondering the meaning of Mary’s statement, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. Day 9 and 10 are two days of pondering this meaning, and they fall on the eve and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Mary certainly wanted me to”get it” this time.

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