077: Next Level Queenship of Mary

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by Matthew Leonard

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You may think you’ve heard it all when it comes to Mary.

Think again.

I’m betting that my buddy Curtis Mitch is going to lay some new thoughts on you about Our Lady as we continue to celebrate May, the month of Mary, on this episode of the Art of Catholic.

Curtis, as many of you know, has been writing the commentary on the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible for about 20 years. I’ve never met anyone with his depth and breadth of scriptural knowledge.

He’s the perfect guy to turn to when it comes to going next level about Mary.

The truth is, the Virgin Mary is a mystery we’ve yet to fully unpack. Her God-given power and vital role go so far beyond what we can imagine.

But we’re going to start to change that.

In this special episode of the Art of Catholic, Curtis and I will dive into several different texts to discuss:

  • Why “Queen of Heaven” is totally a scriptural title (and not a medieval invention)
  • How the Annunciation in Luke 1 identifies the Queenship of Mary
  • The multiple levels of meaning of the woman “clothed with the sun” in Revelation 12
  • Why the 10th son (not the 1st) of David came to the throne and how his mother is connected to Mary
  • Why Bathsheba was given a throne and how it points to the royal role of Mary
  • How the crucifixion of Christ actually points to Mary’s Queenship

Really understanding how the Queenship of Mary changes everything. Your mother is literally the Queen of Heaven and Earth!

And it’s right out of the Bible itself.

God bless and enjoy this great episode!


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9 Responses

  1. The hype you built for this episode was on point Matt! You’ve pushed me to re-listen to past next level scripture segments and make notes now.

    I’m not sure if you’re into Marvel movies but in the movie Black Panther, the Queen of the kingdom of Wakanda is the king’s mother and she’s called the Queen Mother! That really caught my attention 🙂

    1. Curtis is always worth taking notes on, Ashwith! He’s a world-class scholar. That’s why I bring him on:). And nope, haven’t yet seen Black Panther. With six rugrats running around the house, we don’t get out to the theater very often. I’ll have to check out the Queen Mother:). God bless!

      1. God bless you abundantly too Matt!

        I have a request – whenever you or your guests quote something in Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Aramaic (or any other ancient language), could you please put a transliteration in the show notes for us to note down? Specifically the verses in the original languages have a rhythm to them and it is nice to memorize even if I don’t know the precise meaning of each word.

  2. Is it possible that what was being stressed with King Solomon’s denial of the queen mother’s request was that our Queen Mother will always intercede for us? In other words, it didn’t matter what the petitioner’s intentions were, what matters most is that the Queen Mother, Mary, will ~always~ intercede for us when we ask her to.

    1. Certainly that’s one of the points in retrospect. What I’m curious about is why, in that particular situation, did Bathsheba make that request given the way politics worked back then. What she was proposing was not in the best interest of her son, Solomon.

  3. Speaking of Curtis Mitch…Can you please ask him for me if a one volume edition of the Ignatius Study Bible will ever be printed? I work at a well known online Catholic retail store and we get questions about this all the time. We have the one volume New Testament Study Bible and then several individually sold Studies for the book of the Old Testament in this line but a few years back we heard eventually a one volume, complete, Old and New Testament Ignatius Study Bible would be published. There’s not been a word about it. I’m guessing it would be a huge book and people would be put off by it’s sheer size? If you get a chance and he’s not bound by some secrecy rules, can you please ask him? Thanks

    1. I know he’s close to wrapping up his portion, Cindy. I’ll ask and see if he can give me a pub date. God bless!

    2. Cindy – He said the whole thing will come to market in 2019. That’s the best I could do:). In the meantime, I promise to give you more Curtis! He rocks.

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