063: Why Beauty Is Crucial…Especially for Catholics

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by Matthew Leonard

It might seem a bit odd to discuss beauty at the beginning of Lent. Actually, I find it totally appropriate. After all, this is a season of stripping away the outer layers of this world and conforming ourselves to Him who is beauty.

If God is the Beatific Vision, then beauty matters all the time…perhaps especially in Lent.

The topic of beauty is something I’ve wanted to address for a long time because it’s all too often ignored. I would go so far as to say that it is crucial for Catholics to reacquire a true understanding and appreciation for beauty.

Its lacking is not only a major contributor to massive cultural decline in the Western world, but also for the decline of people practicing Christianity.

We’ve forgotten how to make the faith beautiful. And I don’t mean just sprucing it up. I mean the essence of our faith.

My guest is John Henry Crosby, a cultural entrepreneur and founder of the Hildebrand Project. Promoting a renewed aesthetic is in his blood. After this show, it will be in yours, too. Among other things, we discuss:

  • The vital role of beauty in salvation
  • The difference between beauty and luxury
  • Why beauty is the foundation of love
  • How utilitarianism crushes the soul
  • Why sin keeps us from recognizing beauty
  • How to start a life of beauty

Any program dealing with the Catholic faith is important. A show dealing with one of the most powerful, yet forgotten elements of our faith is doubly important. I pray we all take it to heart.

God bless!



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