055: Unveiling the 3 Secrets of Fatima

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They’re the most talked about “secrets” in the world. But they’re often misunderstood.

In July, 1917, Our Lady appeared to three children and revealed to them several amazing visions and prophecies that all came true.

They’ve become known as the 3 Secrets of Fatima.

And while we know what they are, they’re not just part of the past. They’re relevant now…more than ever. There’s no doubt that truly understanding and applying the message of Mary at Fatima can change the world!

So in celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (Oct 7th) and the fact that the 100th anniversary is on October 13, 2017, this episode of the Art of Catholic will dive into these secrets including:

  • How Mary foretold World War II
  • What Mary showed the children and how it affects us today
  • How Our Lady can change the course of history
  • Why Mary showed the children a terrifying vision of hell
  • The role of Russia in world events and conversion of the world
  • How the assassination attempt on St. John Paul II in 1981 relates to the 3rd Secret
  • Cardinal Ratzinger’s (Pope Benedict) interpretation of the 3rd Secret

While they’re the most talked about secrets in the world, they’re often the most misunderstood. We’re going to put that to rest on this episode of The Art of Catholic!

God bless!



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8 thoughts on “055: Unveiling the 3 Secrets of Fatima

  1. Fabulous podcast. Meticulously researched, I say! Learnt so much more about the Secrets of Fatima — and delightfully MORE about Our Blessed Mother Mary! Thank you, Matthew Leonard, and your anointed Team!