041: Pentecost Special! The Amazing Old Testament Backstory of Acts 2

by Matthew Leonard
by Matthew Leonard
The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

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The Holy Spirit didn’t just fall out of the sky at Pentecost. Well, I mean, he did, but all those tongues of fire, heavy winds and such weren’t a random occurrence. Nothing God does ever is.

There’s a backstory. And once you know it, everything makes more sense.

In this episode of The Art of Catholic, we dive into the events of the Old Testament that set up the birth of the Catholic Church in Jerusalem at Pentecost. Earth(quakes), Wind & Fire wasn’t just a nominally successful 70s band. These elements often accompany theophanies, appearances of God.

We’re going to see why the crazy events at Pentecost unfolded as they did, looking at parallels to another very similar, very important event in the book of Exodus. Among other things we’ll discuss:

  • The ancient origin of Pentecost as a Jewish feastJean_II_Restout_-_Pentecôte-1
  • Why the Holy Spirit descended in tongues of fire in Acts 2
  • Why the Disciples started speaking in other languages
  • What the voice of God actually sounds like (gulp!)
  • Why the number of converts at Pentecost (i.e. 3,000) is really significant

All that and more in this special Pentecost episode of The Art of Catholic!

God bless you all!


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7 Responses

  1. I’m so happy to have received this broadcast before Pentecost It has brought so many ideas together for me I’ll have too go through it many times I’ve sent it to several close friends so we can discuss it together. When I heard this my heart jumped and I thought our GOD is an awesome GOD. Thanks so much for all the hard work you all do

  2. Now knowing all this background, it really shows me just how powerful Saint Peter’s homily is and just how important this event is for all of man kind.
    I also can now more fully understand and give explanation too those who questions my own Baptism of the Holy Spirit as well as the validation of the Church Baptism of the Holy Spirit given to her children. This explains very well why each is differentiated. Other words each is different given the first Pentecost fulfillment of scripture, my of great peace as well as visual experiences, follow by abundant grace because the most pathetic needs the most and those who are in the church a peace which over time grows and may not actually be noticeable by the individuals…. Kind a like age sneaking up on you. Not saying your old, I mean lots of young people don’t have hair. Just kidding….. Thanks a lot.

  3. I just got nine days for a deeper spiritually with the Holy Spirit. Looking forward to receiving this guide.

  4. I thought this special on the Pentecost was great. As I listened, I became more and more ” Amazed” how it brought together the Old and New Testament in the Glory of Pentecost. Thank you!

  5. Outstanding. Passed on to a number of friends. Really enjoy your podcasts, and hope you keep doing them even though you are now focused on The Next Level!

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